Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is my ultimate favourite time of year as it’s when we can get out all of our gorgeous winter coats and boots and go for rustic walks in the country. If you ladies are anything like me you love the winter country look. Gorgeous knitted cardigans and shiny calf length boots with a perfectly styled scarf and hat combination.

I have chosen to piece together this mood board as it has a selection of all of my favourite things. I especially love these fantastic boots from house of Fraser; they are very stylish and can be worn with almost anything. I would never usually say teaming black and brown is ok, however with this fantastic shade of brown it would work with a pair of black jeans.

I know sometimes it’s hard to find your perfect winter look; do we go for ankle boots and short jackets, or riding boots and sophisticated coats? Due to the typical English weather and being a born and bred northern girl I have opt for the riding boots and the gorgeous long coat. I think this look generates a classy feel and whether you have chosen to wander the streets of Soho on an afternoon, or spend your Saturday walking through a park this outfit choice is charming.

I believe modesty is key, however covering up doesn’t need to mean looking unfashionable. I have never really liked bright colours when it comes to choosing my clothes, as I prefer to opt for subtle tones such as brown, coffee, cream and black. However if you do like a splash of colour add a pair of purple or red skinny jeans into an outfit, they will look fantastic with a pair of black riding boots and keep you looking current and fresh. If you are like many of the population and choose to stay away from skinny jeans, I believe knee length skirts, a pair of fashion tights and a pair of boots looks perfect for this time of year.

This is the season to show everyone how fashionable we can be, so invest in a gorgeous winter coat, a new hat and scarf and a pair of statement boots!

 ::This post was written by: Alice Lawson for Bramblewood Fashion::

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