Friday, November 16, 2012

Video Updates {ipsy + Book Sale Haul}

I recently tried out a new beauty subscription site called, ipsy and I'm in love. It is only $10 a month and it comes in a different cosmetics bag every month. Plus, each month they have a new theme for their bags. And if I remember correctly, they ship to Canada & USA. Anyhow, the November bag was filled with a bunch of amazing products that I will use right away.

Update from the unboxing video: I love the lip gloss {the color is amazing!!}. I tried the eye liner out and it works really well {it is my first non-marker eyeliner that I ever tried out}. Of course, I love the mascara by Benefit {looks very natural, which I love!}. Oh yes, I'm no longer freaked out by the nail polish. It looks gorgeous over other nail colors {reds, dark purples, etc...}!

Last Friday we went to a library half-price book sale where I found a bunch of amazing things {Which you can see, in the video below}!

So, how do y'all like watching these videos? Should I share more of them on my blog? As I don't always share the videos I upload to my YouTube on BF. Also, let me know if you have any video ideas for me to film.


  1. I videos in the last few posts won't play.

  2. Oh my, what great finds from the book sale! You are making me jealous- that vintage knitting book is to die for.

  3. Loved the book haul vid. You got some great finds! I could go wild at a sale like that;)

    I keep saying I'm going to start collecting records. I haven't yet...but I will. One of my friends has a some kind of turntable that you can plug into the computer and it converts the record to an MP3 file on the computer. Pretty cool!
    And yes, Frank Sinatra should be your first to play. :)

  4. Oh, and I read my first Agatha Christie book after watching a certain Doctor Who episode, too. ;D

  5. I've read that Agatha Christie book! I thought it was fantastic and I hope that you enjoy it :) I've just started watching Dr. Who, so I've not seen any episodes that reference Agatha Christie. What episode is it?

  6. ONE of my favorite Christmas albums is Jackie Evancho's EP "O Holy Night".

  7. I sometimes watch your unboxing videos (makes me feel more in a girly mood and wanting to get some makeup, ha ha!), but my favorite videos are the library book store hauls since I'm a BIG bookwork :-) what a blessing that you get to find a whole bunch of vintage books/items! :-) I love the nail polish that you were wearing in that video - do you remember the brand/color of it? Take care & have a lovely day!


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