Friday, November 30, 2012

Spread the Polish Swap | Reveal

A few weeks ago I signed up for my first nail polish swap, which ended up being lots of fun! LaLa Lists & Lipgloss and Crayons were the two blogs who put together the swap {thanks so much for putting this together Rachel & Carly, it was lots of fun!}.

My partner was Jasmine from Green eyed Monster! It was fun buying for her and she bought me the perfect nail polish colours for me. You can see what I got Jasmine here.
Jasmine sent me the colour Cajun Shrimp by OPI {which is more pink then it is showing up in the picture above} and Wine Not by Sally Hansen {which is a more cranberry colour}. I love both nail polishes and can't wait to wear them. The OPI colour will be perfect for our vacation to the beach next month, so I'll save that colour for then. *smile*

But thanks so much for the lovely nail polished, Jasmine!


  1. Nice and bright colors. I like the Cajun Shrimp. It reminds me of an OPI color I have in my collection. I love it for the summer on my toes.

  2. I am so very glad you liked it! It's kind of hard to pick polish for someone else :) I love what you got me as well! Yeah happy ending!


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