Thursday, November 1, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 50} + GC Giveaway

Are y'all ready for this week's I ♥ Thursday post? Well, since this is my 50th I ♥ Thursday post, I thought "why not celebrate with a celebration?". Details for the giveaway will be announced at the end of this post. *smile* First off, the rules for the link-up.

1. Be sure to have I ♥ Thursday in your post title. {You can copy & paste the ♥ into your own post. That is what I do.}
2. Have the button in your post, or link to back to me and have the button in your sidebar.
3. Share anything that you are loving right now. Tutorials, fashion, crafts, music, movies, recipes, quotes, what ever.
4. Have fun visiting everyone's link!

Bramblewood Fashion
This darling outfit that I created on Polyvore. I wish I owned this outfit. 

This is just adorable! It makes me want to have a pet fox and his name shall be Todd.

Awww...the Doctor will take Captain America's letter back to Peggy in his TARDIS. 

I've fallen in love with the BBC show, Robin Hood all over again this past week. In fact, I'm watching series 3 for the first time this week.

Richard Armitage, Lucy Griffiths, and Jonas Armstrong present the award for the most popular Drama TV Show at the The National Television Awards 2006. {Wait to you see who won. BTW, this a British award show.}

One of the cutest 10 & Rose videos!!

Link up your post below. Or, leave a comment with your favorites for this week below in a comment.

Now for the giveaway, I'm giving away a $10 GC to one of the following stores {the winner can pick which one they want}:
Forever 21

Sound exciting? Now, you can enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open until November 7th @ 11:59PM. The giveaway is open to those within the US {since I'm not sure if they work worldwide, if anyone knows let me know & I'll change it}. The winner will be picked on November 8th and emailed. Oh! The gift card will be emailed to the winner.


  1. That fall outfit is cute,especially the waist belt.

  2. I always love your I ♥ Thursday posts - and this is such a sweet idea!
    That vid of Ten and Rose is one the cutest - and I always wanted a pet fox named Todd (Mr. Todd) too... :grin:

  3. I love your blog!! Keep up the good work =)

  4. The outfit is really cute. I would love to have most of those pieces.
    I'm really excited about this giveaway too!


  5. I love your blog and especially I Heart Thursday! However, I do have a question. Your Youtube video says that this is the 10th Doctor and Rose, but I thought that David Tennant was the 11th Doctor. It could be that I am just confused, as I am more of a Sherlockian(is that the correct term?) than a whovian. (Although this is not to say that I could not be a whovian. I just haven't watched the show yet.) Anyway, if you could clear this up, my curiousity would appreciate it! Thanks!

    Jodie H.

  6. Eeeek!!! The Captain America drawing is tooooo cute!!! I have not seen Dr. Who, but I know the basics... so cute!

  7. All this talk about Doctor Who made me even more curious than I already was. Last weekend I watched the first three episodes of the 2005 season and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing some more this weekend. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Aww...that fox is so cute!

    What a splendid way to celebrate your 50th I {heart} Thursday!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  9. I love the outfit - the orange coat is TO DIE FOR!!! And the ruffle skirt w/ the polkadot skirt is super cute!

  10. Love the fox! Have you seen that film, I think it's called The Fox and The Child, I can't remember - it's narrated by Kate Winslet... that's what the pic reminds me of. Love the outfit, too - adorable boots!

  11. Awww.... The Rose and Doctor video is so cute! They were the best pair ever. <3 I miss Rose. </3

  12. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Ashley! The prize sounds really neat. ;)

    Love the picture of the fox, btw. It's expression is priceless. :D

  13. Very beautiful, fall-ish outfit! :)

    Miss Grace

  14. I look forward to your Thursday posts every week. :)

    Katie Nicole

  15. I love all your I heart Thursday posts! And giveaways. :)

    Amanda Joy B.

  16. I love that outfit and it looks great for fall!

  17. Oh, Robin. Oh, Sir Guy
    Anyway, hmm I think if I won I would want either amazon or target.

  18. I love that outfit you created! So cute!


  19. Oh wow! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! :)

  20. I would love to have that outfit in my closet!

  21. your I <3 Thursday posts make me happy Ashley(:
    and I adore that outfit.
    xx Riley

  22. I love Robin Hood from the BBC. I especially Love Richard Armitage! :)

  23. The outfit you created on Polyvore is adorable! I love those boots!!! <3

    Thanks so very much for hosting the GA!! :D
    Hope I win!!


  24. LOVE that fall outfit!

    I've watched some of Robin Hood, too. Great fun. :)

  25. aww the around the world video is sooo sweet!

  26. Ahem... I entered into the giveaway rather automatically before I realised I'm not in the US... highly engaging lessons on recent US history aside... um...

    And that fox is so very, very adorable; I said "jééééé" aloud, and drew it out quite a lot, too. That's like Czech for "wow" or "awww", you know.

  27. Nice outfit. And thank you so much for the gift card giveaway! I'd love to win.

  28. That picture of the fox is to die for! adorable! Totally entering this giveaway!

  29. oops! I accidentally commented on an older I love Thursday post, when I meant to comment on this one! :P
    Anyway, I tried pasting the code into both my post and my side bar, but each time it didn't show up; so instead I uploaded the I love Thursday button as an image and put a link to your post below it.
    Hope that still is staying true to the rules!


  30. Hehe...Captain America and Doctor Who...

  31. The outfit is DARLING!!
    And yessss!! Little foxes always make me think of Todd ^_^

  32. Fun giveaway! I would love to use it for ModCloth, their stuff is so darling and vintage inspired!

  33. these posts are so much fun. I always love seeing them pop up on my dashboard.

    I love the outfit; so cute and feminin!!

    Becca Anne

  34. I would like to enter the giveaway.

  35. Hey Ashley!

    For some reason, rafflecopter didn't let me enter my account, so I had to start over...

    Also, in the "blog about the giveaway entry", my link didn't go here it is!

    Yeah...rafflecopter doesn't like me very much...

  36. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway! That's a very pretty outfit by the way.

  37. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Kellie's, and became your newest follower.
    We have a Toy Fox Terrier named Todd, after the Fox and the Hound : )


  38. I was once about five feet away from a wild fox. It was beautiful, but I was terrified of it attacking me.

  39. I really enjoy your blog. :)

  40. I'd love the Forever 21 GC.


  41. Hey Ashley,

    Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your blog:)

  42. Fun giveaway! Thanks so much!


  43. I've never watched the bbc robin hood, but it looks really intersting. I think I am going to have to try it!

  44. I went through a phase where I LOVED "RH"...I never saw the third season though, b/c my friend told me it was horrible. :P

  45. Cute, cute, cute, Ash!! I love that little fox... makes me want to have a pet too. *smile* Todd's a cute name... I would probably name mine Audie. *smile*
    I love you!
    xox Kay

  46. Thank you for having a giveaway:)
    That outfit is sooo cute;)

    -Katelyn D

  47. The outfit is adorable! Ohhh, and BBC's Robin Hood? It's the best! (And being British makes it tons better:))

  48. That Rose&The Doctor video is cute! I'm finally caught up with the Doctor Who episodes that are on Netflix... such a sad day. I was a couple weeks too late to watch the current season on TV, though..

  49. A rafflecopter! How cool!

  50. thank you so much for the giveaway! i'd love to win :)
    the fox reminded me of the fantastic mr. fox, who is my favorite animated character ever.

  51. The outfit is very cute!!

  52. I love your fashion blog! I like fashion too and I want to post a fashion post on my blog sometime (even though my blog is a book review blog...). I also got some ideas from your "102 in 2012" for my "213 in 2013". Is it OK if I use some of them? (I want to do them of course.)

  53. great giveaway! Thanks!

  54. @Kellie - That's fantastic that you always wanted a pet fox named Todd too. I thought I was the only one. :)

    @Jodie H. - Nope, David Tennant is the 10th Doctor, and Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor. There hasn't been a 12th Doctor yet. :) Ooh! I love Sherlock too! :D

    @Kristin - Yay! That is one my favorite shows {modern ones that is}. :)

    @-Bess- -- No, I haven't. I'll have to look that up. :)

    @ Charlotte - That's fine. :) Not sure why the code didn't work. Hmm.

    @ Kimberly - Awesome! I love the movie the Fox and the Hound. Which is why I love the name Todd for a pet fox. :)

    @ Cindy - Haha...that's great! :)

    @ Eowyn - You should. It is a pretty exciting show.

    @ Madeline - Yeah, I heard the same thing, but I decided to watch it since I've seen every DW episode from the rebooted series. Plus I'm a BBC mood right now. :P

    @Achaia - Aww...can our pet foxes be friends, Kay? Hey guess what!?! Nathanael got hooked on Audie Murphy films recently. :)

    @ Kelli - Well, the current series came out on DVD recently, and it is on Amazon video & iTunes. :)

    @ Hannah Barta - That is fine! :)

  55. The outfit is adorable! I love your blog!

    -Hannah Avery

  56. I really like your style!

  57. I am sorry I forgot to leave my email address when I commented.


    Amanda Joy B.

  58. Thanks for the giveaway. cute outfit. Would like the Starbucks GC. thanks!


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