Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Cards + Decorations from Minted

Are you looking for a place to order your Christmas cards or decorations for parties this Christmas season? Why not check out They have a wonderful selection of cards {one for everyone's style} with many that are very cute & vintage-y!

Let me share some of my favorite Christmas card selections with y'all. Who knows? You might find the card for you & your family among the ones I selected.

  The first one is called, Simply Joy. This card feels very fresh, clean, and modern. I love the unique corners on this card.
 Next up we have the Joyful Season card. This card is very vintage-y {perfect for those who love everything vintage}! Add a black & white family photo and you have one adorable family Christmas card.
Our next Christmas card would be adorable for newlyweds first Christmas card called, Dazzling Holiday. The unique little scallop edges on the circle card add a touch of whimsy & unique charm. Add your favorite wedding picture to the card and you have one cute Christmas card!
The last card I'll be sharing with y'all is called, Whimsy Wishes. I adore the font on this card, of course, you will need to be carful on what picture you pick for this card. As you wouldn't want the greeting to cover everyone's faces.

If you have any questions about check out this page filled with FAQ. And let me know if you buy anything from minted! I'll be placing a order for party supplies for a party me & Gaby want to have for a bunch of our friends next year.

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