Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I Wore | Soft & Hard

What I'm Wearing: Faux-Leather Jacket Target // Union Jack Tee made by me // Pleated Skirt ASOS // Belt Forever 21 // Tights Target // Oxford Heels Forever 21 // Statement Necklace c/o OASAP // Owl Earrings Kohl's // Nail Polish Carry On by Essie

How y'all doing? I've been busy working on that DIY post I promised back in my polyvore fashion post earlier this month. I'll be showing y'all how to make the type of tee I'm wearing today.  Anyhow, I made this Union Jack tee back during the Olympics when I was really craving for a Union Jack t-shirt, just like the one Rose wears in DW. BTW, I will be having a DW fashion series eventually. Once me & Gaby have time to do a whole photo-shoot. Anyhow, this new shirt I'm making for the DIY post is Paris themed. If you follow me on Instagram you already have a slight idea on what it will look like. *smile*


  1. That necklace is really cute. Love the whole outfit.

  2. Cute! I love the idea of embroidering a union jack onto a tshirt! It could be cute to fill in the blank spaces with color as well...(: Love y.our skirt and shoes as well!

    And I'm definitely looking forward to the Doctor Who themed post!


    1. I've been thinking about filling the blank spaces with fabric...just not sure yet. :)

  3. Really love this whole outfit, but especially the Union Jack tee!! Can't wait for the DIY.

    Also, I've been planning a DW blog party for a while now, and I wanted to do some fashion related posts. Soooo, basically, would you be at all interested in sort of combining your DW fashion series with my blog party? I've not picked a date for it yet, but maybe next month before the holidays? Just let me know! If you're not interested, I totally understand:)

    Have a lovely evening,

    1. Oooh! I wouldn't mind waiting to to do my DW fashion series during your blog party!! That will give me time to make a skirt inspired by 10's suit. ;D I can't wait to hear more about your DW blog party, dearie.


    2. Yay!!! This will be totally awesome!:D
      Once I actually get my act together and plan it, that is. ..I'll send you an email soon so we can get this here thing rolling. :)

  4. I love the mix of leather and pleats! Such a cute outfit :)

  5. Ooooohhhh Ashley! I love your outfit! and I can't wait to see the tutorial on the T-shirt. Fun stuff!

    Brigid :)

  6. I'm soooo in love with that jacket! I NEEEED IT! (Ok, done with dramatization. ^_-)

  7. Ah, your shirt is so cute! Tutorial, pretty please?

  8. What a great idea with the shirt! May need to copy.... Where did you find the original tee?


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