Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Style | Got A Little Country

Sunday Style - ModCloth Floral Dress
Sunday Style - ModCloth Floral Dress
Sunday Style - ModCloth Floral Dress
What I'm Wearing: Bot-Any Which Way Dress ModCloth // Black Cardigan Target // Boots Bass Shoe Outlet // Bow Post Earrings F21 // Mustard Crossbody Nica via Little Black Bag // Nail Polish Carry On by Essie

How y'all doing this fine Sunday? As you can see, I'm linking up to Jenny's Sunday Style link-up again this week! {Which is buckets of fun, btw!} After much thinking I decided to wear my new ModCloth dress to Church today. I was going to wear my slouchy boots {which are more girly & soft} but it was just too much with the skirt and all. My riding boots were a much better choice of today {though, if I had a pair cowgirl boots would have been the perfect choice!}. Since it was kinda on the chilly side this morning {plus, our church is always freezing!} I threw on one of my favorite cardigans to help keep me warm.


  1. Lovely dress! The little pleat-y things at the bottom are so pretty! :)

  2. AHHH! You look so beautiful! Love the dress m'dear!

  3. Love your look today. So bold with the colors: red, white, black and yellow.

  4. LOVE the outfit! The skirt on that dress is beautiful! I have a skirt similar to your dress that I want to make.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  5. LOVE the bottom of that dress! It is so cute. Definitely a beautiful church dress.


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