Monday, September 17, 2012

Reclaiming Beauty Webinar

I have an exciting webinar to share with y'all today. Anna & Elizabeth Botkin {authors of So Much More & It's Not That Complicated} are hosting a 7 week webinar on Reclaiming Beauty: A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body

The Botkin girls are going to be sharing on the following topics during the webinar. Which btw, are all excellent subjects!

  • What it means to represent the Lord as His ambassadors to the world
  • Where true beauty starts
  • What the Bible says about beautification and adornment
  • How we should respond to the world’s idea of beauty
  • The history and philosophy behind the most popular garments
  • The proper priority-level of beauty in the Christian’s life
  • The biblical relationship between the physical and the spiritual
  • What it means to be separate from the world
  • What we can learn from the beauty industry
  • What the beauty industry has gotten wrong
Get practical tips on:
  • Clothing yourself better for a lot less money
  • Making modesty and femininity look excellent instead of frumpy
  • Making off-the-rack clothes modest
  • Putting together great outfits with what you already had in your closet
  • Using makeup tastefully
  • Giving sloppy garments new life with minimum alterations
  • Cultivating taste and style
  • Getting out of a fashion rut
  • Creating a minimum-time-and-effort plan for looking nice every day
The webinar will run from September 25th to November 13th at 7 PM Central Time for one hour every Tuesday, except for on October 30th. Click here to register. If you are unsure on if you are wanting to join in, why not just try out the first session for free. If you are on Facebook, check out their event page here

I think this webinar is going to be excellent! When ever me & Gaby are at conferences and we see Anna & Elizabeth Botkin, we are always oohing and ahhing over their outfits {and their awesome leather jackets & shoes!}. It will be a true blessing to be able to hear what they have to say on beauty and modesty. I hope many of you will consider attending the webinar.


  1. Hey! My sisters and I are going to participate in the webinar! I guess we'll see you there! ;)


    1. Awesome! It will be fun to know that blog readers will be there too! ;)

  2. I am listening in and attending the webinar and am very very excited! I too have always loved the botkin sisters clothing choices and admired their feminine style. What a blessing they are doing this to help fellow sisters in Christ glorify God in their appearance.

    God bless!

    1. That's great, Becca! Now I'm kinda wishing this was a conference, that way I could see you again. :) But it is wonderful what the Botkin girls are doing and I can't wait to hear everything they have to share!!


  3. Ash! We plan on attending too! It will be fun... we may have to compare notes. *smile* We love seeing what the Botkin girls wear too. By the way, we are giving away a free subscription for the Reclaiming Beauty webinar on our blog, starting tomorrow!
    Much love!
    xo Kay

    1. Yippie! It will be great to chat about the webinar with each other! That's great that you are giving away a free subscription, I don't need one or I would have entered! :)

      lots of love!
      ~Ash xoxox

  4. Hey, would you ever consider giving fashion advice? Like, if readers ask you questions about how to wear stuff or what to wear with this or whatever... I know that I would really appreciate any advice you could give me. Just a thought. :).

    1. I would love to give any fashion advice my readers might have! Just drop me an email anytime to: bramblewoodf @ gmail {dot} com and let me know if you want me to answer it in a post, or in a email to you!


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