Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paulina Carmel Store Review

Awhile back ago I contacted Paulina Carmel about working together {some of you might remember they were a sponsor back in June.}. Well, Paulina gave me a 50% coupon code to use on anything in her boutique type online store. To say the least, it took me awhile to decide on what to use it for. Not because they didn't have a nice selection, but because they have too many cute things to pick from!

After awhile I decided on the Casual Denim Skirt by Junee. Yes, I now own several knee-length jean skirts. But hey! They are very versatile and perfect for all year round. Plus this skirt has something my others don't. A unique button detail at the waist. It is very cute & chic! I ordered a size medium, after asking Paulina what size she thought would work best for me. The skirt turned out to be a perfect fit for my hips. My waist, not so much. Oh well, that is to be expected since I'm an odd size. I just put in two darts, one on each side, in the waistband that helped it fit me much better. I've already worn this skirt several times and can see me wearing it for a long time to come. 

When I received my package in the mail I found a wonderful surprise! Paulina had added the Downeast Basics Half Sleeve Tee in the color Aqua to my order. Mine is in the size medium, though it fits more like a small. This is my first Downeast Basics piece and I must say, the shirt is really comfy and cute! Just be sure to order the next size up if you decided to get this shirt because of how form fitting it is.

Overall, I was really impressed with the company. It was easy to check out and the shipping was fast. If y'all are wanting to place an order with Paulina Carmel I have a free shipping code for y'all to use! Just enter the code: bramblewood at checkout! The code is good until October 10th.


  1. They are both cute, but I love that first outfit. I will definitely check out the store!

  2. So cute! How sweet of Paulina to throw in the shirt! :)

  3. Sounds like a great store, and I love the things you got.


  4. Where are the check shirt and cardigan from? They are great colours.
    We have no stores in the UK that I know of completely dedicated to modest clothing. Traipsing around different shops is not that fun.
    I tried the link through Google to paulina's boutique but it didn't work.

    1. The check shirt is vintage & the cardigan is from Forever 21.

      Hmm...it looks like Paulina Carmel might be no more. Some other great modest clothing website options are Kosher Casual, Shabby Apple, and eShakti. A good website in the UK that has modest length skirts & dresses is ASOS.


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