Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Graphic Tee Tutorial

Hello everyone! I'm sharing how I make my very own customized graphic tees with y'all today. So let's get started.

~ What You Will Need ~
Blank Tee
Embroidery Thread
Hand Sewing Needle with a large eye
A Basic Picture or Quote that you want on your tee
Washable Markers {just the normal kind. I use the Prang ones, personally.}

Using your picture as a guide, free-hand your design onto your tee with the washable markers. {If you make mistakes, you can always go over your design with a different marker color, or just throw your tee in the washer & dryer to take out the marker and just start over.} As you can see my Eiffel tower came out kinda stumpy. I will just adjust my stitches when working on the tower. Also, as you can see, I added a Audrey Hepburn about Paris to the top of my tee. Now, I find doing words very time consuming. So make sure to keep the words/quote fairly simple.

Do a simple running stitch over your design using the embroidery thread and sewing needle {with a large eye}.

Now just keep sewing with a running stitch until the thread on your needle is getting short. Then just knot your threads {on the wrong side (the part that is closest to your skin)}, and rethread your needle. It will take you awhile to do the stitching on your tee. To help pass the time consider doing one, or all of the following: watch a TV show, watch a movie, listen to music, or have someone read aloud a book to you.

Once you are finished, throw your shirt into the washer & dryer to take out the marker dyes. And guess what? Your very own graphic tee is finished!

Here is a look at my finished Union Jack tee, since my Paris tee isn't finished yet. *grin* I'll be sure to share pictures once it is done.

If you have any questions, either leave them in the comments or email me! 
Also, I would love to your tee if you use my tutorial!


  1. I can't wait to see your finished Paris tee! It look awesome so far and your Union Jack tee is fabulous! Question, where do you get your blank tees?

    Thanks for sharing! I'm so going to be doing this...I need a Doctor Who shirt;)
    And speaking of DW, I'm still working on the blog party. Life has been super busy lately...I will send you an email this week though.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Well, the ones I've used so far are from the juniors section at Kohl's. It really doesn't matter what kind you use, just that it is plain. :)

      You should make a DW shirt, Tasha! I've been thinking about making a DW one for my next shirt, after I finish my Paris one first, or course.

  2. SO cute! I can't wait to see how your Paris tee turns out! I love the look of the Union Jack! I've actually tried a couple if projects like this--when I first started sewing, I decided to embellish a rather plain, unattractive Nightmare Before Christmas tee by embroidering Jack Skellington's head on the back, and some swirly shapes on the front. Same idea, but I used a backstitch instead of a running stitch.(: now I really want to do another!


    1. You should make another one, Vicki! They are so much fun to make and wear. :)

  3. Ooh, I must try this. :) I love your union jack one: so fantastically british. <3

    1. A union jack shirt would be great for your first one! If you do make one, be sure to share pictures with me. :)

  4. How does the embroidery hold up in the wash? Just curious... Other tutorials have required a "backing" of sorts. Otherwise, I have a tee that is PERFECT for this purpose!!!

    PS - Love the Union Jack, since I think you mentioned it is Rose Tyler inspired. :) Impressive.

    1. The embroidery holds up fine. I have another tee that I made back in 2009 {the same way} that is just like the day I made it. :)

      Hehe...yes, my Union Jack one was inspired by Rose Tyler. I really want her shirt, so I just made one myself. :D


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