Saturday, July 21, 2012

OOTD | 1960s Inspired

- What I'm Wearing -
Black Skinny Pants - H&M
Grey Striped Tee - H&M
Grey Skinny Belt - Forever 21
Sparkly Gold Bracelet - J.Crew
Earrings - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Flats - Steve Madden
Nail Polish - Robin by Julep Maven

Hello y'all! Today it was just easier for me to film a quick OOTD video instead of doing a photo-shoot. You know what? I might do these outfit videos when ever there is no time to take pictures, edit them, upload them, then write & edit my post. Sound good? Let me know how you like these outfit video posts in the comments!


  1. Love it Ashley! It's so cute!

  2. I totally love the OOTD video! It's fun to do something different every once in awhile and you don't see a lot of OOTD videos out there! Modern Modest Beauty sent me your way and I am now a new follower! :)


  3. Cute outfit! Sent by Modern Modest Beauty :)
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  4. This may be my favorite outfit you have done! The striped top, black skinny slacks, and flat shoes give a real Audrey Hepburn vibe:-)

  5. I love your outfit! I just went to H+M for the first time the other day and am kicking myself I didn't purchase that striped top! Do you do your nails yourself? The color is so cute!

    have a blessed day!


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