Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I Wore | Polkadots & Lace

What I Wore - Polkadots & Lace
What I Wore - Polkadots & Lace
What I Wore - Polkadots & Lace
What I Wore - Polkadots & Lace
What I Wore - Polkadots & Lace
What I'm Wearing: 80s{?} Faux Wrap Polka-dot Skirt won in a giveaway from MoMoMod // 80's Secretary Blouse secondhand & refashioned by me // White Tank J.C.Penny // Yellow Necklace Kohl's // Vintage inspired pearl Earrings Claire's // Heels Target 

If you can't tell already, I'm obsessed with polka-dots. This skirt is no exception. Even though it is a faux wrap skirt, I love it to pieces. You see, I tend to stay away from all types of wrap anything; they tend to have a habit of flying open on me. Not good. Another thing I love about this skirt is the fit. It fits like it was custom fitted for me. I've never had a ready-made skirt fit like this before for me, as I'm an odd size.

The blouse is a recent refashion project I did. In fact, I think I did it last week. The only thing I did was chop off the long sleeves. No sewing involved on this project. This does make me want to find a ton of 80s blouses to refashion though, or even non-80s blouse. In fact, I have a old blouse/jacket from Christopher & Banks that I want to refashion sitting on my bed right now. I might do a quick post showing how I refashion these blouses. If I remember to take pictures that is.

Anyhow, I did make those doughnuts in today's I ♥ Thursday. They are delicious! Except the glaze didn't turn out too well, it came out sort of brown {I didn't use normal store bought powder sugar}. So the doughnuts are cinnamon sugar & plain instead. Which is still fine. *smile*

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