Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15 for 15 Remix // Day 6

15 for 15 Remix // Day 6
15 for 15 Remix // Day 6
15 for 15 Remix // Day 6
What I'm Wearing: Jean Skirt c/o Kosher Casual // Striped Tee Forever 21 // Dangle Earrings Robert Rose via Little Black Bag // Red Canvas TOMS

I had a very full day today. We cleaned our house. Had some friends over who talked about India's fashion this afternoon, we also had the chance to try on some Indian sarees {that was lots of fun!}. We also had some real Indian chai tea. This evening Gaby, our brother Nathanael, and I rode our bikes down to a country road to take Gaby's Senior pictures. As I write & publish this post Hanne-col, Gaby, and I are watching Judy Garland & Robert Walker in The Clock {1945}.

15 for 15 Remix // Day 6
15 for 15 Remix // Day 6
{Here are two pictures of me in a sari. They are so comfy & fun to wear. I felt like Amy Carmichael wearing it. *smile*}

Since we were having a full day today I wanted to keep my outfit casual & comfy. Which means I wore my TOMS, again. I really love these shoes. They are awesome! I bought them back in November with a TOMS gift card I had won in a giveaway, but I never got around to wearing them until this challenge. No clue why. Any how, I kept today's outfit fairly classic with a jean skirt & striped tee. Of course, the right stripe tee makes any outfit very classy & Audrey Hepburn-ish. *smile* 

Link up your outfit for the 15x15 remix challenge below:


  1. Love your outfit! And everyone wants red TOMS now because of you. :)
    That sari is beautiful! You look lovely. And oh oh oh, your library!! Love those shelves. They make a pretty background for outfit shots.

    Having a great time perusing all the outfits that everyone is coming up with!

  2. I LOVE Indian clothing! I have always wanted to wear a sari... (lucky... ;) ) Beautiful!

  3. Pretty!!
    The striped shirt is lovely
    and what a cool sari!!!

  4. I love you outfit! It looks so comfy and cute!
    I have some Indian friends that used to live next door to us. When we were studying India in our history the woman came over and dressed my mom, my sister, and I all in some of her beautiful sarees! I was in love with it that day and didn't want to take it off. She had to have had 20 of them and it was so difficult to choose which one to wear. I wish I could have tried all of them!


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