Tuesday, June 5, 2012

15 for 15 Remix // Day 5

15x15 Remix - Day 5
15x15 Remix - Day 5
15x15 Remix - Day 5
What I'm Wearing: Maxi Dress made by me // Belt, Sandals, Earrings Forever 21

Today I kept my outfit very simple. I also didn't have much choice in what I could wear because I needed to wash my clothes {I've already worn all of my tops & skirts}. You really come to appreciate a closet full of clothes when you don't have many options.

An other thing, today's photos aren't that great as I took them myself with a self-timer & tripod. I really need to learn to take self-pictures so Gaby & my brother don't always have to take them for me.

Oh! I was asked in a comment {here} how I turned this dress into a sleeveless dress. Well, I just took two leftover pieces of fabric {that were thin} and tied the sleeves up. Very simple. I also flipped the bows to the underside.

If you sent me an email & I haven't replied yet. I'm sorry, I've been busy & unable to reply to any emails. I'm hoping to have time either tomorrow morning, or Thursday to reply to your emails.

Link up your outfit for the 15x15 remix challenge below:


  1. So cute! Great job, Ashley - that dress is very pretty on you. I love your earrings with that dress!


  2. Cute outfit! It looks so cool and comfortable.
    Your pictures are really good, even with a self-timer and tripod! I've had to do the same so far and understand how challenging it can be!

  3. I can't believe you made that!! GOOD JOB!! you should give yourself a pat on the back!!

    {I am not very good at sewing:) }



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