Monday, June 4, 2012

15 for 15 Remix // Day 4

15x15 Remix - Day 4
15x15 Remix - Day 4
15x15 Remix - Day 4
15x15 Remix - Day 4
What I'm Wearing: Jean Skirt c/o Kosher Casual // Blazer H&M // Cream Tee Forever 21 // Grey Tank J.C.Penny // Belt Forever 21 // Necklace Gift // Earrings LC for Kohl's // Red TOMS

Lately this has been my go-to outfit for Monday's ever since I was sent this skirt by Kosher Casual. I wear the skirt at least once a week, sometimes even twice a week. That's how you know I really love an item. *grin* Once again I'm wearing my TOMS. Would you believe that before Saturday I never wore my TOMS a whole day, or even an hour. I guess I wasn't sure on how to wear them, this event has just forced me to wear them. Guess what? I've come to really enjoy wearing them. In fact, I wouldn't mind owning another pair now. That's what I take from this remix challenge - learning to style things that I'm unsure about. It helps me expand my fashion horizons.

For all of my readers that don't follow me on FB I have a request. I'm entering a contest to become a stylist for my favorite subscription site, Little Black Bag. To vote for me, either like and/or share this photo on my FB page. You have until June 13th to vote for me. Thanks!

Link up your outfit for the 15x15 remix challenge below:


  1. Very classy, I love the red shoes with this outfit!

  2. Ack!!! Again with the red TOMS!!!! I am being harassed by outfits with red TOMS!!!! :)

  3. how could you not l=love TOMS? ;) They are my absolute favorite shoes ever!


  4. I like this outfit!! Simple and sweet. :-) I miss my denim pencil skirt, I've outgrown my regular sized one and am yet to fit into the maternity pencil skirt I bought!

  5. Super cute! I love the pencil skirt with that jacket - so classy! I like how the shoes make a pop of color - good job!



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