Friday, June 15, 2012

15 for 15 Remix // Day 15

What I'm Wearing: Cut-off Jean Shorts refashioned by me // Cream Tee Forever 21 // Gray Tank J.C.Penny // Peacock Necklace 'ZAD via LBB // Dangle Earrings Target // Sandals Forever 21

Today is the final day of the challenge! Yay! I'm very excited that I can wear what ever I want from now on. I sure missed the rest of my closet while doing this challenge - but I made it all the way through {even though some days were hard}. Thank you to everyone who did the challenge with me - it has been lots of fun. 

This evening Gaby & I will be having a sleepover in her room. Our plan is to watch some Ronald Reagan movies, like: Brother Rat {1938} and The Stallion Road {1947} - both of which neither of us have seen. Who knows, we might watch something else too. *smile* What are your plans for this evening?

Oh, before I forget. How do y'all like the new blog look? I spent yesterday evening {& part of the night} and most of today getting everything all correct for the new layout. I also have a new sponsor page layout that you might want to check out here. Also, I can now directly reply to your comment {my answer will now appear directly below yours - yay!}.

Link up your final outfit for the 15x15 Remix below:


  1. Wow..... simply casual. Nice ! :)

  2. Very cute and casual! Thanks for hosting this Remix.. I had so much fun! Sorry I didn't get photos up in time for my last three outfits. I still wore items out of my 15x15 though. :-)

    1. Thanks, Marie! Glad you enjoyed the remix, I had fun seeing all of your outfits - even if I didn't have time to always comment. :)

  3. Love this final outfit! Super cute! I love it. Thanks for this fun challenge! I had an awesome time.



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