Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore - Sunshine Day

What I'm Wearing: Yellow Polka-Dot Dress c/o eShakti // Belt Forever 21 // Pumps Target // Ring Stella Dot // Earrings Hand-me-down from Mrs. Amber Apple

A few months ago I contacted eShakti about doing a review for them and they agreed. But I wasn't able to put in my order right away because their review form was down for updates. But mid last month I was finally able to put in my dress request. Yay! I was so excited because I've been eyeing this polka-dot dress for awhile now. Do you think I have enough polka-dot clothing yet? I just can't get enough of polka-dots. The dress is beautiful and fits like a dream! I had the option to get it custom fitted, but the only custom thing I did was the length {since I'm 5' 8"} as I wasn't sure how it would fall as is. I l.o.v.e this dress and guess what? It has pockets in it!! Wearing this dress I feel like I should be in a 1950s Technicolor musical. As the dress is so colorful & happy. I see myself wearing this dress a lot this Spring & Summer {including a wedding later this month}.

Anyways, I found the customer service to be good to work with. I would definitely recommend ordering from them if you are looking for clothes customized to fit how you want.


  1. Oh Ashley, this HAS to be one of my FAVORITE outfits of yours!!! The color, the belt, those shoes. Oh yes.
    Adorable adorable adorable.


  2. Ooh, what a lovely dress! <3 Lucky girl.


  3. That looks so great on you! Sadly, you're wearing 2 things I cannot. The color yellow (It makes my skin yellow, like I'm sick. Ugh!), and a cute belt! I'm afraid I just can't swing the belt look. But wow, this is such an awesome outfit, and fits you perfectly! :D

  4. Oh, that looks like a perfect summer dress (I love that it has pockets!)! I've been wanting to buy something from eShakti for a while now...I love that there is the option to customize--I have the opposite problem...I'm short!

  5. You inspire me so much!! Your outfits are amazing!
    Keep shining for Christ!

  6. SO adorable, Ashley! o.O Really like the color and length. eShakti is such a neat company. <3

  7. Such a good dress! The yellow looks so good!


  8. oh, oh, oh... that dress is darling, Ash! You look so bright and happy in it too. I'll have to check out their site!
    Much love,

  9. Gorgeous!!! I hope that one day I will be able to own one of their dresses!!

  10. *extremely jealous right now* that dress is so perfect, ashley! i love it and may have to get it!! :)

  11. yellow dress!! How cool!! I love yellow dresses!!!

  12. This dress is so cute! I just love yellow. It is so cheery and bright!

  13. Ooh how lovely and summery! I really like the neckline. Yellow looks great on you.

  14. Very feminine, looks like you enjoy wearing it. You’re so lovely in that yellow dress. Thank you for posting it.

    wholesale womens clothing

  15. I love the dress and I jist found out abot them... they rank up there with shabby apple.

  16. I ADORE that dress! You remind me a bit of Anna Popplewell :) The dress looks amazing on you.

  17. Your really pretty, especially in that yellow polka dots dress :) Buuuut, please, since your blog is modesty themed, don't forget to wear it with a cardigan and tights next time ;) Naked shoulders and actually anything naked between ellbows, knees (even better ankles) and throat is not really modest, don't you think?
    However - beautiful dress ! I can just imagine how pretty it would be with a bordeaux cardigan and tights :)

  18. Love that!~Heaven Lee


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