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What I Wore | Kate Middleton Inspired Lace Dress

Kate Middleton Inspired Lace Dress Modest Fashion Bramblewood Fashion
Kate Middleton Inspired Lace Dress Modest Fashion Bramblewood Fashion
What I'm Wearing: Lace Dress made by me // Black Blazer borrowed from Gaby via H&M // Necklace & Earrings Forever 21 // Wedges Payless Shoes // Vintage Clutch won in a giveaway

Remember that lace dress I talked about in my sewing inspiration post? Well, Friday afternoon and evening I finally got around to sewing the lace dress. I was a little stumped on what pattern to use. I played around with draping a mock-up on my dress-form but I couldn't get the perfect shape. I then thought, why not use knit for the lining and just wing the pattern. I took one of my favorite tees to use as a base pattern for the bodice and just guessed the measurements for the skirt part directly on the knit fabric {which btw, is brown} and cut it out. I then laid my lining fabric on my lace as a pattern. Then I sewed it up and voila! A lace dress. And yes, I did this without testing my pattern. I was just a bit nervous that it wouldn't turn out. You really have to not think too hard when winging patterns up.

The dress is sleeveless since the fabrics are both knits and I didn't want to bother with adding sleeves. That means the dress can't be worn without some type of jacket/cardigan as it doesn't look right without one. Oh, and guess what? I have enough lace left over for another dress. I just need some white knit for the lining.

One of the reasons I was anxious to finish the dress in one day was because I had a wedding to attend Saturday afternoon. Which is why you have a different background for my pictures today.  

I supposed I should mention the reason for my post title. Well, I've been admiring the Duchess of Cambridge {Kate Middleton} lace dresses that she has worn. Except mine is the reverse of hers - dark lining & light colored lace.

Kate Middleton Inspiration for lace dress 

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Also be sure to check out my two sponsors for May: Marie-Madeline Studio and Skaynopoyos {which has a bunch of vintage sewing patterns}.


  1. I love the lace dress!!!!! It's so gorgeous!!!

    Too much accessories, for me, though. It draws away from the dress, I think!

  2. Very nice! I especially like the necklace. It adds a nice pop of color. Cute bag too!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. Lace dresses and shirts are so charming and vintage.

    That's amazing you just winged the pattern--it turned out beautifully!

    You have yourself a truly fun blog here.


  4. I absolutely LOVE your lace dress, Ash!!! It's just perfect (and the best thing for a wedding!). You make me want to sew up something lacey too. *smile* I always have admired Kate's lace dresses... she has excellent taste.
    I can't wait to see what else you've been sewing on lately!!
    xox Kay

  5. Love It!


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