Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I Wore - Duchess of Cambridge Inspired

What I'm Wearing: White Jeans Boden via ebay // Peplum Blouse Anthropologie // Blazer Forever 21 // Pearl Necklace 13th Birthday gift // Earrings Claire's // Sandals Forever 21

When my sister Hanne-col first saw me this morning she said, "you look like you should be on the East Coast and not in the Mid-West." It must be the white jeans, or the way I styled them. My outfit could also be something that the Duchess of Cambridge {Kate Middleton} might wear. Just switch out my sandals for some wedges or nude pumps.

Yesterday we went to a library sale and I found some wonderful things. Like: LIFE & Look magazines from the '60s {on President Kennedy}, a ton of 40s-60s cookbooks, some wonderful records {My Fair Lady Broadway (Rex Herrison & Julia Andrews), and a few Disney ones ( The Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, Tubby the Tuba)}, and two books. Also last night I watched three new movies: The Wrong Man {1956}, The FBI Story {1959}, and Bells are Ringing {1960}. I had to end the evening/early morning with comedy after two serious films. I'm hoping to bring back my movie review posts as I have a ton of movies to do for y'all.

 This afternoon Gaby & I had a business meeting regarding the blog & an upcoming project venture relating with BF. For our meeting I made some mocha fraps for us to drink. They were so good & creamy. I have no idea how I made them so creamy  {no two fraps are ever the same for me}. After I'm finished with this post the two of us are going to plan out a vintage breakfast for Friday using my "new" cookbooks.


  1. Super cute! I love your outfits; so creative, and so cute! Thanks so much for sharing your fashion sense!


  2. I really like the shirt...and the blazer...and the pants :) I can never wear very much white though...i always seem to get it ridiculously dirty!


  3. Ohh I love library sales! I always remember finding the best things there. :-) Love your outfit, it is so classy and fresh!

  4. Fun! Library sales are the best. :)

    I. Love. Your. Blouse. End of subject. :D


  5. A library sale?? That sounds so fun! Sounds like you found a lot of awesome things! Also, I love the print of your top! Super cute!

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