Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sewing Inspiration: Lace Dresses, Hi-Low Skirts, & Scalloped Shorts...

While I'm waiting for some fabric to arrive in the mail I've decided to gather together my thoughts and share them with y'all. This will help me decided what to make with each fabric before they arrive in the mail. I also just realized that most of the fabrics I picked out I've never work with before {lace, voile, & twill}.

First I found some really pretty lace fabric for a dress. That will be fun to play around with. Like deciding on if the dress should be lined with a white material, or in a fun color? What should the style of the dress be? Modern? 50s or 60s inspired? Should the dress have sleeves? What will the length of the dress be? I've put together a mood board of lace dresses that have been inspiring me lately for a sewing inspiration guide.

Well, judging by these pictures I really like half-sleeves. Which is interesting, since most dress I make either have cap sleeves, or are sleeveless. It also looks like I like my lace dress to be more fitted & just below-my-knee. Brilliant! What do you know, talking about this with y'all is helping me decided what I want to do. I really must do this more often.

Another sewing project I have planned is for one of those hi-low skirts {I'll be using the floral voile}. Have you seen them? Well, they've kinda intrigued me lately. Then when my best friend Achaia made one - I knew I just had to try it out for myself. Here are some hi-low skirts that are inspiring me right now for my version.

I tend to like the less drastic hi-low skirts. I think I want the high point to be just-below-my-knees and drop about 5 to 8 inches in the back. I'll have to experiment with different lengths to find the perfect one for me.

The red gingham is for a '50s/J. Crew/Anthro. inspired button down blouse. While the pink twill is for a pair of '50s shorts {think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina}. But I might put a modern twist on the shorts - like a scallop hem. For the grey voile I haven't decided what to use it for yet. Perhaps some type of top/blouse like the Decades of Style pattern pictured above. Decisions, Decisions. 


  1. I just got this dress
    to wear to a wedding this summer. I absolutely love the style and shape of it! It's so retro, yet modern. The only thing I would change would be to put thicker straps on the sleeves of the liner because mine requires strapless undergarments. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do it!

  2. Sounds interesting, I can't wait to hear how they turn out!

    In the lace dress pics you have posted, I really like the fourth on on the bottom row, it's very pretty!

  3. Love all your ideas! That is some really cute fabric!

  4. I love love love the scallop hemmed shorts! I recently made a scallop hemmed skirt (from Colette Patterns,) and just love it. I also love lace dresses, especially with a sharp blazer a la the picture of Reese Witherspoon:)

  5. I love the lace look too!!!
    P.S. Great skirt givaway on my sister's blog! Check it out :)

  6. love the lace dresses, that second one is so gorgeous!

  7. I agree with you as far as liking the less drastic hi-lo skirts! Somehow, I dont find the dramatic ones all that appealing & also quite cheapy looking. I dont mind the subtle ones though....

    looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    (when are you coming to visit btw) :P

  8. Cute ideas! I especially like the lace dresses and the hi-low skirts that you posted photos of. Very inspiring! ;)

  9. My favorite pictures of the lace dresses are #5 and #7--so romantic!
    Here's an idea: You could make the lace dress separate and sew up some undergowns in various colors for versatility.

    Looks like you'll be busy this Spring and Summer--fun, fun!

    God bless, and happy sewing,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  10. I love all the fabrics! can't wait to see the finished products.

    I'm almost finished with school and when I am I'm planning on doing a LOT of sewing :)

  11. I love the top middle lace dress idea!! So pretty. :) The red floral voile and red gingham is lovely! I'm eager to see your finished projects!

  12. So many fun ideas! I want to come and sew with you, dearie! *smile*
    You will love the high-low skirt, trust me. Oh, and I can't wait to see your lace dress, and gingham blouse. I love that bright green one from Anthro! You are making me want to sew something sooo badly...


  13. @Achaia I wish we could sew together too. Maybe when I come out to visit y'all we could sew together.

  14. I Love all your ideas! That is some really cute fabric! I especially like the lace dresses.


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