Thursday, May 24, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 29}

It's I ♥ Thursday time! There are rules for your post and I've listed them below:

1. Be sure to have I ♥ Thursday in your post title.
2. Have the button in your post.
3. Share anything that you are loving right now. Tutorials, fashion, crafts, music, movies, recipes, quotes, what ever. 
4. Have fun!

Bramblewood Fashion

These adorable shoes. Too cute!

Mint & white together.

White tees & colorful skirts.

Coral tops, maxi skirts, and Kate Spade handbags.

Oscar da la Renta's Resort Collection 2013

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

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  1. I love those shoes!!! ♥♥

    Oh & I don't put your button in my post, but it's on the sidebar at all times ;)

  2. @Bekah That's fine since you linked back to me in your post. :)

  3. Okay, good, and I tell everyone about your blog anyways! lol :D

  4. Hey, haven't had a chance to comment lately, but I just wanted to say, I have always loved your “I love Thursday” posts. I was so excited when I saw you had made it a linky. I plan to join in next month once my life has settled some.

  5. Ahhh! Those shoes!! Oh my goodness, I love em!
    I really like that last dress too, but the shoes the model is wearing look kinda like red spiderwebs! ;)

  6. I thought I might give it a try and link up with your post today. Oh and I love those shoes! They're too cute!

  7. Whoops! I have a really Fashionable Giveaway on my blog, but I don't have the I<3Tuesday on my blog or the button....

    Great post!
    ~Eden <-- Giveaway!


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