Thursday, May 17, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 28}

My very first weekly link-up starts today for I ♥ Thursday.  Now, if I ♥ Thursday as a link-up doesn't catch on within the next couple of weeks, I'll have it stop being a weekly link-up and go back to normal.

Bramblewood Fashion

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Sparkly Heels....

Cute trench coats....

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

The Duchess of Cambridge's coral jeans....

What is a weekend?

Go ahead and link your I ♥ Thursday post below:


  1. Cute stuff! I love the sparkly heels. :) And the duchess of Cambridge always looks so pretty, doesn't she?


  2. What kinds of posts can we link up? Does it have to be just fashion, or can it be crafts, recipes, hair tutorials, etc.?

  3. @Hyacinth Just write up a post {be sure to title it I ♥ Thursday & have my badge in the post} sharing everything you are loving this week. It can be fashion, crafts you've done/are inspiring you, recipes, quotes, movies, songs, what ever.

  4. @Bree Holloway Yes, she does. She really inspires me fashion wise.

  5. I'll try and participate next week! This is something I want to do just don't have time this week :P

    BTW I love the button (I guess that will have to do as my "I ♥ Thursday" post this week ;)


  6. There, I have entered!!! I am going to try to take part via scheduled posts, then just hope on to link up! ;)

    Cause it's a fun & easy post for me to do, and hopefully interesting. :)

    Oh & I will put up the button on SMF too :)

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I've been wanting a pair of those sparkly heels!!!! they are ADORABLE!!! :D
    okay and the coral jeans -- I've been thinking about getting some fun colored jeans -- just not that brave yet -- but you just inspired me!! :)


  8. Awesome! I will participate next week Ashley!! :-)


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