Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Wore | Denim on Denim

 skinny jeans F21// chambray tunic J.C.Penny// tank J.C.Penny// skinny belt F21// floral earrings J.C.Penny// cat eyed sunnies Dana Buchman for Kohl's

Once again you are getting a picture of my third outfit for today. hehe. But you know how the fedora was the main piece for yesterday's outfits? Well, today is was my chambray tunic. All outfits revolved around this tunic. This morning for sitting around the condo I wore the same outfit pictured about just with the shorts from last night & no belt and earrings. Before & after lunch {for the pool & beach} I wore my polka-dot vintage styled bathing suit, chambray tunic as a coverup, sunnies, and flip-flops. 

Today was a more relaxed day. In fact, I fell asleep on the beach a couple times - that is how relaxed I was!!! Which could be why I feel like blogging everyday. I was getting in a busy-not inspired-blogging slump before our trip. I'm over that now. *grin*

 {also here is a picture of Gabrielle (with short hair!!) and I} ♥♥♥♥


  1. I have to say I'm more then a little jealous of the view behind you.....and of the gorgeous earrings you're wearing!

  2. Love it, Ashley! Such a cute look. And I'm so glad you're over your blogging slump. *grin* Oh, oh, oh, your swimsuit sounds sooo cute!
    When did Gaby get her hair cut?? It looks adorable on her. Does she like it??

  3. @KatySue Pillsbury Gabby said y'all would be jealous of the background behind me when she was taking the pictures.

  4. @Achaia I'm glad to be over my blogging slump too. *grin* You would love it!! Except for the low point in the front {which I don't like either}. Maybe I'll send you pictures of it someday. *smile* It does give me an idea on how I want to sew my bathing suit - which I've never gotten around to doing.

    I see you are calling her Gaby now too. *grin* That means you have to call Hanne-col, Hanne. And Abigail, Abby. Well, Gabby got her hair cut November 29th. This was the first time she cut her hair short, she has always had long hair, and she adores it!! I must say, she looks rather cute in it. *grin*

    ~Ashley xxx

  5. Loooooooooooove the earrings. I know you posted about them before, but I have forgotten where you said you got them. Was it an etsy shop?

  6. @Livia I found the earrings at J.C.Penny's last year. But they have a pair kinda like them in stores now, so does

  7. Oh, do we get to see pictures of your bathing suit? :)

  8. Your outfit is really cute and it fits in well with the location, too :) :) Happy CHRISTmas to you and your family :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. Ashley~
    I would LOVE to see pictures of your swimsuit!! We really need to make our own retro-style swimsuits one day, friend!
    Yes, I guess I have gotten into the habit of calling Gabrielle "Gaby", sometimes (I hope she doesn't mind!), so I guess I will have to shorten Hanne-col's and Abigail's names! *grin* Hey, if we're doing nicknames now you'll have to sometimes call us Phi, Kay, Abs, and Bug. ::Smile::
    I'm so glad Gaby likes her hair! I agree with you... it's really cute on her!!
    ~Achaia xxx

  10. Oh, your nickname is Kay? That reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride. *grin* Well, I don't really have a nickname but you can call me, Ash.

  11. Sounds great. *grin*
    Yes, my nickname is Kay. That's funny that it reminded you of Liz Taylor in Father of the Bride... but a good thing too! ::smile::


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