Saturday, December 31, 2011

102 in 2012

I saw this lovely idea over at Simply Delights and decided to join in! Once I accomplish one of the things on my list, I'll post about it here. Sound fun?

1. Reach 20 sales on my Etsy shop.
2. Sew a Historical Costume.
3. Try exercising more.
4. Bake five things from recipes found from Pinterest.
5. Do five beauty recipes found from Pinterest.
6. Reach 600+ GFC followers.
7. Buy the Deanna Durbin's DVD set.
8. Buy a vintage dress.
9. Make donuts.
10. Make Gelato.
11. Read more books.
12. Get rid of clothes I rarely wear.
13. Buy clothes that are more my style and fit well.
14. Do more outfit posts.
15. Organize my closet and dresser top better.
16. Make pretzels.
17. Try a French Macaroon
18. Do a Q&A post on my blog
19. Own a pair of red shoes {that aren't TOM's}
20. Buy zippers off of Etsy.
21. Do learn-how-to-sew posts on the blog.
22. Try another Starbucks coffee besides a Peppermint Mocha. {ideas?}
23. Drink more tea/chai.
24. Host a tea party with some friends.
25. Own something Cath Kidston.
26. Buy something off of HauteLook.
27. Film more YouTube videos.
28. Write more movie reviews
29. Work on my recipe folder.
30. Master vintage hairstyling.
31. Do product reviews on the blog.
32. Read a Shakespeare play.
33. Redo my Summer Wardrobe.
34. Try out more hairstyles.
35. Learn how to use a flat iron.
36. Learn how to use a treadle sewing machine.
37. Organize my sewing room better.
38. Do more tutorial's on the blog.
39. Watch Downton Abbey Season 1 & 2 {for the first time}.
40. Watch Gone With the Wind {for the first time}.
41. Learn to use a 1 1/2" curling iron.
42. Try out other nail polish brands and colors.
43. Watch Sherlock Season 1 {I've only seen clips}.
44. Finish Robin Hood BBC Season 2 & 3.
45. Buy a turntable {record player}.
46. Cook more Southern foods.
47. Buy a vintage traincase.
48. Try out more e.l.f products.
49. Join Birchbox & do box reviews.
50. Refashion a stack of clothes that are sitting in my sewing room.
51. Finish sewing projets I started years ago.
52. Do a blog sale. {sell things I no longer want on the blog.}
53. Make a pill box hat.
54. Learn how to quilt.
55. Do more embroidery.
56. Make custom skirts an option in my Etsy shop.
57. Sew more aprons.
58. Learn the secret to homemade frosting.
59. Learn to using a piping bag for decorating cake's, cookies, and cupcakes.
60. Get my Drivers License.
61. Buy a nice watch.
62. Work on my novel: Rose of the Titanic {that is the working title}.
63. Do more vintage magazine scan posts.
64. Memorize more Bible veres.
65. Make a short film with my siblings.
66. Be in two places at once.
67. Do more painting.
68. Fill an art journal.
69. Design more of my own sewing patterns.
70. Try out new products for my Etsy shop.
71. Recreate a ModCloth dress.
72. Sew a Paper Bag Skirt.
73. Try making lip balm.
74. Make up my own recipes.
75. Sew my dream nightgown.
76. Create a fashion sketch book {and keep it that}.
77. See a shooting star.
78. Learn the words to my favorite songs.
79. Buy a StyleMint Tee.
80. Go singing in the rain.
81. Buy a pair of wellies.
82. Go on a hayride.
83. Learn to do more tap dancing steps.
84. Learn swing dancing.
85. Memorize a poem.
86. Do another 30 items for 30 days challenge.
87. Host a blog event every season this year {Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall}.
88. Sew the Beignet skirt by Colette Patterns.
89. Do more sewing pattern reviews.
90. Buy something from
91. Wear more hats.
92. Find a way to incorporate leopard print into my wardrobe.
93. Find ways to add sparkle/sequins/glitter into my wardrobe.
94. Come up with new dinner ideas for my days to cook.
95. Work more on my quote, verses, and poems notebook.
96. Buy & see The Magic of Ordinary Days.
97. Write book reviews on the blog.
98. Film a skirt sizing video for my Etsy shop.
99. Buy the Shabby Apple dress, Washington Square Park.
100. Find the perfect trench coat.
101. Share more pictures & recipes of my latest cooking/baking.
102. Make my own Lilly Pulitzer inspired dress.


  1. Lovely! I have quite a few bucket lists myself for the year.. I am so excited about what is ahead! :)

  2. Oh, and my Starbucks recommendation would be a caramel macchiato! Amazing! :)

  3. Thanks for joining me! I really enjoyed reading your list and look forward to seeing the different posts.

  4. learn-how-to-sew posts would be awesome! Especially because it is on my 102 in 2012. :) And I have no clue about the Starbucks, only been there once, and I got a Pumpkin Spice was to die for.

  5. Fun, fun!!! :) I want to do some similar things myself.

  6. You've got some great goals!! I suggest starting with #40 :)

  7. I think I need a bucket list now!
    Oh - and Sherlock is amazing. You will LOVE it! Benedict Cumberbatch is great! And Downton Abbey is super good as well!
    As for Starbucks recommendations...the only things I've ever had there are hot cocoa and a java chip frappuchino. The latter is amazing! So unhealthy, but so good.(:
    Happy New Year!


  8. Glad to see i'm not the only one without my drivers license.


  9. Why not red TOMS? I'm wearing my red TOMs at this moment and I love them!


  10. I did one of these to! It will be interesting do see how well I keep up:)
    Enjoyed reading yours!

  11. @ Madeline - Well, I already own a pair of red TOMS and the style doesn't go well with most of clothes. I want to find a pair of red shoes that goes with almost everything in my closet. :)

  12. Yay for the seasonal blog events!
    I have seen the Magic of Ordinary Days, and it is sooo sweet. I am not a movie cryer, but my mom cried a lot when she watched it.


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