Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Wore - Shades of Grey & Blue

grey cardigan forever 21/ grey belt forever 21/ bib necklace bass shoe outlet/ white tank j.c.penny/ bracelets forever 21/ argyle tights j.c.penny or kohl's/ teacher's pet skirt c/o shabby apple / black flats payless

This week I styled one of Shabby Apple's newest skirts, Teacher's Pet.  I've loved it since it was released, was that last month? So I was delighted when they sent me this skirt to wear. Wasn't that nice of them? Well, I can't wait to style it many different ways this fall and winter.

How would you style this skirt?


  1. Cute! I bet that skirt would look awesome with a mustard colored sweater. I always love navy and mustard together!

  2. Cute, Ashley! Did you decide you didn't like your bangs? They looked so cute! But I noticed you've pulled them back in the last few. :(
    Shabby Apple GAVE you the skirt?! How did you get them to do that?!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. That outfit is so stylish and adorable. Great job1

  4. I've loved that skirt too!! That's pretty cool they sent you one!

  5. Very lovely. :) I like the way you did your hair!! Decide you didn't much care for bangs any more? ;) I'm growing mine out for our drama play, but I think I will style them a little differently once it's over. :)

  6. @Natasha Atkerson I like them on somedays. :p Just lately I've been loving that I can pull them back into this little puff in front {I've always loved that look, but could never do it myself until now}.

    Yep, they gave it to me because I've mentioned them several times here on the blog. {I'm also an affiliate with them.}

  7. @Lilac Bud Gal I like them {somedays}. I've just been loving them pulled back for a new look.

  8. Adorable, Ashley! The top picture of you is so cute. :smile: I love the way you styled that darling skirt. I love Shabby Apple, even though I've never gotten anything from them yet.
    I would probably put this skirt with purple-y tights, and maybe some red, purple, and grey up top.
    By the way, I LOVE your bracelets and bib necklace!
    xoxo Achaia

  9. I would pair it with a bright cardigan most likely! :) I love your belt by the way... I can never get mine to look so good like that!

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I am having several giveaways going on my blog right now until the 15th.



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