Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Fall Trends

There are several fall trends I'm looking forward to doing this year. Now normally I don't follow the trends too much. But this year, many of the trends are what I love to wear! What are the odds of that? *laughs* So with out further ado, some of the trends for this fall.

Fall Fashion Trends: Polka Dots

Polka Dots: I'm always wearing polka dots as they are one of my favorite prints. With them being a trend this fall it will make it that much easier to find things that are polka doted. *smiles*

Fall Fashion Trends: Mustard

Mustard yellow: I was in love with this color last year, but I never bought anything that was mustard {except for fabric for my pencil skirt I made last summer}. That is all going to change this year for me. I would love to have shoes, belt, purse, hat, and scarf all in this wonderful color. *sighs*

Fall Fashion Trends: Plaid

Large Over-sized Plaids (Granny Style): What an exciting trend! Plaid. I already own a largish sized plaid coat (made it back in 2009, you can see the post here), and several plaid skirts. Oh, I almost forgot, a plaid scarf too.

Fall Fashion Trends: Maxi Skirt + Chunky Sweater

Chunky Sweaters Over Maxi Dresses/Skirts: I already did this trend once {pictures here} and loved it. I just don't own many maxi dresses, or skirts for that matter. I find that they can get in the way when sewing (I'm always getting up and down from the floor). But I still love this look. It is also an easy way to bring your summer wardrobe into your fall wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Trends: 1970s

1970s: The 70s are coming back and I don't know what to think. I'm on the fence about this one. While it is nice that fuller pant legs are coming back. Oh, also floppy hats - love them! But overall I'm still not sure. :p What do you girls think?

Fall Fashion Trends: Western

American Western (Southwest): Is in everywhere at stores. You can buy western themed scarfs, purses, jewelry, and what not everywhere. This will make shopping for my sister, Hanne-col much easier for me this Christmas. As she loves the western style. *smiles*

What trends are looking forward to this fall?

Hey, I just thought of a really cool idea. Wouldn't it be awesome if online stores let you searched by color, or trend? I love having clothes organized by color. In fact, my closet is organized by color within the sub-categories {tops, skirts, sweaters, vests).


  1. I love western style also. Plaid is also something I enjoy wearing. And I would love to add some polka dots to my wardrobe.

  2. I'm definitely not crazy about 70s fashion but some of it is rather 30s/40s in feel so, with a few stylistic changes, it looks great! Below the knee skirts, silk blouses etc., they're all great :)

  3. Chunky Sweaters and Maxi Skirts. LOVE that! Now I have to go and find more sweaters.....
    I love the 70s. Anything 70s. (Well, not ALL things 70s, just the good things! :P )
    ~Heather Joy

  4. I love maxi skirts and western wear espcially cowgirl boots. I'm not a slave to fashion trends but when they alogn with my personal sense of style I'm always happy. Now only if modesty would be more in style.


  5. Hey Ashley,
    Just thought I'd let you know that I've started the photography contest and the giveaways and whatnot over at my blog if you wanted to post about it... :) Thanks for doing that!!!


  6. A Still Small VoiceOctober 5, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    I want yellow plaid bellbottoms!

  7. I love the plaid trend along with the polka dots and maxi skirts. Plaid is my all time favorite print, and I love being able to find it easily. :)
    Thanks for this post of some of the great trends this fall!

  8. I'm completely with you, Ashley, on trends. I don't usually follow them very much, but if I like the current ones, it's super, as I can find so many things I love!
    Yay for Polka Dots, Maxi Skirts, and Mustard! -grin- And, I must say, I have a particular soft spot for 70s fashions. I love the big hem on that one pair of jeans! Oh, and the floppy hat... I'm seriously considering getting it... what do you think?? It's so cute and I love wearing hats! When I first saw the ruched marigold coat on Anthro, I about swooned. It is absolutely gorgeous!
    Much love~ Achaia

  9. I love hearing all of your thoughts on this season's trends.

    @Achaia- I guess the reason I'm not all for the 70s is because my mom and dad weren't crazy about the clothes from that era. So it just rubbed off on me. Though, as I stop to think about it, some of my favorite designers started in that era. So I guess I do like some 70s fashions. I think you should buy the floppy hat (the Forever21 one right?). Because guess what? I'm thinking about buying it myself when I get paid next week (if it is still in stock then). Isn't that Anthro coat amazing! It is one of the prettiest coats I've ever seen.
    xxx ~Ashley

  10. I am back blogging and catching up on everyones blogs! :) I look forward to plaid EVERY Autumn season. I am also excited about the maxi dress trend. :)

  11. I've never seen such pretty mustard yellow clothing!

  12. I love the flare and bell bottom jeans!

  13. I love that maxi skirts are coming back in! Even if not lots of people wear them, you can still BUY them now.


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