Friday, September 30, 2011

What I Wore | I Got Bangs!

purple maxi skirt target/ black blazer gift {j.c.penny}/ cream ruffle tank gap outlet/ tan boots target/ silver ring  j.c.penny

Zooey Deschanel
For something new I cut my bangs on Wednesday night. I was going for a Debbie Reynolds {Tammy} & Zooey Deschanel look.  How do y'all like it? Like them? Hate them? (BTW: they look much better now that I washed my hair.)

About a month ago I bought this purple maxi skirt in the clearance section at Target (what a dangerous store for me & my wallet). The color was perfect to be worn during the fall and winter so I bought it. I LOVE it! It doesn't feel too long to wear. Which is key for me. I've been known to rip out my hems by stepping on them. um, yes. It is also lots of fun to style. Y'all will definitely be seeing this skirt a lot in the coming months.

In other news, I finished my sewing my circle skirt. About 9 o'clock last night I started hand sewing the hem on my skirt. My skirt was looking so nice that I wasn't about to ruin the look by sewing the hem on my sewing machine. So after sewing 1/4 of the hem last night I went to bed. And finished the other 3/4 of the hem while watching, The Winning Team {1952} & A Yank as Eton {1942} today. The latter film has Mickey Rooney {22}, Freddie Bartholomew {18}, and Peter Lawford {19}. What I found funny about this movie is that Bartholomew played an older half-brother, by one year, to Rooney (As you can see above, next to everyone's name I have their age at the time the movie came out). That was odd. It would be even more odd if you had only see them together in Little Lord Fauntleroy. Oh, my.

Well, I better get going. Soon we will be eating diner then it's off to the movie theater.


  1. I think the bangs look nice! And I have been looking for a skirt like that for a while! I guess I better keep my eyes peeled.. hehe!

  2. I love your bangs! You did a good job! I inevitably cut mine too short EVERYTIME I trim them.....
    Thanks for the pics and I love that skirt, it is a good length and a great color!

  3. I got bangs a couple months ago and I hated them also! All my friends said they did too - but they also said I would love them in a couple weeks and I did.... So will you!

  4. The bangs look adorable! Zooey is great style inspiration. =)

  5. Ashley,
    Cute bangs! One thing I've found with my bangs, is that it's important to ALWAYS comb out your bangs after a shower when it's wet, that way it dries the way you want it to. Did you cut them yourself? I cut mine myself, it was scary!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I love that skirt!! Purple, maxi, floral patterns, lovely...!!!
    I like the bangs!

  7. So very jealous I want to go see the movie.


  8. I love your outfit, and you look really good with bangs, Ashley!

  9. Well, I have to say I love your skirt...since I have just like it! My mom bought one when they were still $16, 30% off...but I waited and got it for $6! so my mom and inhave matching skirts just like yours!=) Your bangs are SUPER cute too.

  10. Love the skirt!!! I went to Target today and got one just like it for 6$ YAY!!!!!

  11. How would you suggest I style my new skirt, Ashley?

  12. It's funny you should mention Little Lord Fauntleroy with Mickey Rooney in it--my mom and I found the DVD at a thrift shop a couple years ago! Sweet little movie....

    Bangs become you, Ashley!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  13. @Natasha Atkerson Thanks for the tip, Natasha! Yes, I did cut them myself. I love cutting my own bangs. :)

  14. @Amy Yay! We are skirt triplets! :) What fun! Aw, thanks, Amy!

  15. @Miriam What a deal! I had to buy mine when it was $16 {small sizes don't last at our store}.

    I've been wearing mine with loose cream tops {tucked in & fluffed out a tiny bit} with either a cardigan & a skinny belt, or a blazer. Very cute.


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