Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Wore | Fall Fashion {plaid + jean + red nails = ♥}

Lately I've really been inspired by a certain picture that has been floating around pinterest. (yes, this may be the second outfit to be inspired by something I found on pinterst.) 

The picture of inspiration is on the right. It shows a young lady wearing a plaid shirt, pin-up style hair, red manicure, and winged eyeliner. It is just plain adorable!  Now, I don't have a bandana or red-ish plaid shirt. So I just borrowed a shirt from Gabrielle {even though it's orange it works} and did a red manicure. Next time I'll have to do a 1940s hairstyle too. =)

plaid shirt {borrowed from Gabrielle} kohl's/ jean skirt {route 66 pattern} made by me/ tan boots target/ owl ring kohl's/ post earrings kohl's

I adore this look so much that I wore something along the same lines today. {these pictures are from yesterday.} But in a deep purple color scheme {my favorite color for fall/winter}. 

What are your go to favorites to wear in the fall?


  1. Very cute and comfy look. I have many fall faves but Boots are def. at the top of that list!

  2. Cute! I'm always too scared to do my nails red, they seem to stand out too much. But yours just fit in sweetly with the rest of your outfit. Maybe I'll try it one of these days. :)

  3. I love that outfit sooo much! You know I usually just wear cardigans and jeans or long denim skirts during fall/winter. I am not really fashionable at all, but that is why I am paying super close attention to your blog so I can get ideas for what I should wear this Fall! =)

  4. Oh, Ashley, I ADORE it!!

    Too cute!!! And I love the red nails!!

    Love, Abiah

    PS. I so much enjoyed getting to meet your family in person!!

  5. I love that picture! This afternoon I was actually thinking about how much I love shiny red nails. :) I definitely want to wear something like this sometime soon! I have bandannas and plaid shirts. :)

  6. BOOTS! I terribly miss my boots in the warmer seasons. although after going through fall and winter I have to buy new ones because they are worn out! =D I also love getting out my scarves,leggings and cardigans again! =)

  7. I am also looking forward to wearing scarves, boots, sweaters, and hats.

  8. Lovely, Ashley! Love that outfit and the boots too!!!!! And I love that red manicure too!!! =)

  9. Aaaaaa!!!! Ashley! It's SO cute!!!
    I love everything about it. My favorite colors to wear in the fall and winter are teal, shades of purple, and red.

    Much love,
    Achaia xxx

  10. Ashley!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!
    SO adorable.
    Now you're inspiring me! hehe
    (OH, and by the way, I adore red!;)

    love, Abi

  11. Thanks, girls!

    @ Amanda - You should try out red nails. I was scared at first too, just like you (same reasons too). But once I just did it (um, Monday) I fell in love with red nails. Red nails are so classic, vintage, and girly feeling. It's the best feeling! ;)

    @ Sarah Elizabeth - Aw, thanks! I'm planning on doing a fall trend post sometime this month.

    @ Abiah - It was great getting to meet you and your mom! We all talk about your girls visit nonstop now. *smiles*

    @ Achaia - You would have loved my outfits all week! I wore teal, deep purple, and red all week. (They are my go to colors in the fall and winter.)

    @ Abi - Now, all of you girls should wear plaid shirts with jean skirts. And if y'all want, do your nails red too. Then post pictures. ;)

  12. Very cute Ashely! I love your hair down :) And yay for RED!

  13. @Mrs Amber Apple - Thanks, Amber! I'm glad to have my hair down too. My hair was in an awkward stage were I hated my hair all summer. :p So I just kept it in a bun, or braid. Well, it was thanks to you that I took the plunge on wearing red! : ) I now adore the color.

  14. Ashley, you look absolutely adorable! I love the whole outfit... and the manicure?! Well, that's just too perfect.

    love & hugs~ Apphia

  15. Wow! Cut outfit!
    I have the exact same shirt!! I got it a year ago, but i've almost outgrown it! It's my favorite! I bever thought of wearing red nails with it though, I don't paint my nails, (I play a lot of stringed instruments.) But I paint my toenails. Have you ever painted them two different colors? I alternate chocolate and a light metalic blue. It's a fun look, especially in the summer if you wear brown flip-flops a lot!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Ashley K.

  16. Very cute :)


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