Friday, September 23, 2011

What I Wore - black+yellow+fuchsia = awesome!
Once again I found inspiration for another outfit on pinterest. This is beginning to be a theme. But this time it came in real handy. I found another way to style my yellow pencil skirt {which y'all know I have the hardest time styling}. (Oh, by the way, I wore this outfit yesterday.)

My inspiration for my outfit is on the right. Isn't it pretty? Yes, it was featured yesterday on here. lol. When I was putting together this outfit I made the discovery that I don't own a black long sleeve shirt. So I wore a short sleeve top instead. This outfit also marks my first fall outfit for the year that I'm wearing tights. What fun! I love tights {which is odd, as I used to hate tights}. They are a fun and an easy way to add a punch of color.

black top target/ black tank j.c.penny/ yellow pencil skirt made by me/ fuchsia tights j.c.penny/ owl ring kohl's/ brown wedge sandals payless/ floral dangle earrings j.c.penny

I adore this picture so much that it is my new profile picture. Thanks, Hanne-col! : )
Do you like to wear color tights? If you do, what are your favorite colors and brand(s)?


  1. I adore coloured tights! I have so many but my favourites are my two pairs of floral ones, a black pair and a white pair, which are lovely! I also have a whole heap of leggings :)

  2. Oh my! What a cute outfit! You just need her necklace and the outift is piteresting! LOL.
    I haven't been on your blog in forever! I've gotten waayyyy behind in commenting! I'll try to drop by again soon.
    Stop by my blog sometime!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:
    PS: I just posted my first fall outfits as well!

  3. I haven't worn tights when I was a little girl. I disliked them very much back then, but your tights are so pretty! They really add to the outfit. I just might have to start wearing them again. :)
    I love your outfit! Your earrings are just lovely!

  4. I LOVE it, Ashley! Oh, it's so cute, and the pictures are just adorable. You did such a great job styling your outfit. Actually, it's not time to wear tights here in Missouri... it's still warm. Same here on the tights! When I was younger they bothered me because I thought they were uncomfortable, but now I love wearing them. I love wearing mustard colored tights, and peacock blue.
    Much love!

  5. you look lovely! And your outfit is so pretty! ^^


  6. So, I'm starting to wear colored tights and I got this pair that are literally grape purple. What colors and styles would you wear that with? any ideas?

    1. I would them with either a jean skirt {pencil, or a-line skirt that comes somewhere around the knee area}, or a skirt with grape purple in it {the print, floral, etc...}. Is that helpful for you?


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