Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Wore | 1938 Formal Meets 2011

Last night I was looking for something different to wear today. In my refashion pile I saw this 1938 formal I made back in 2008. It was made for a family outing to see the Broadway play, The Lion King at a theater that was built back in the 20s, or 30s. I wanted a vintage dress, but it also had to be cheap. Like not spend any money on the dress. Enter this dress, the whole dress was made out of supplies in my stash. What may, or may not surprise you is.....this dress is made out of cotton broadcloth from Joann Fabrics. Yes, broadcloth. But in the dim lights of the theater you couldn't tell. 

I only wore this dress that one time. It didn't fit me on top right. {even though the pattern size said this dress was way too small for me. I still had to take the dress in. crazy.} On a whim last night, I tried the dress one. And guess what? It fits me like a dream now. Yay! But I didn't want to wear this as a dress today. So I threw on a chunky sweater that was given to us as handy-me downs. It totally brought the outfit to 2011. I love it! I now had the look of a maxi skirt. Perfect for the current fall trends. 

 burgundy dress made by me {vintage 1938 pattern}/ blue sweater free people {hand-me down}/ owl ring kohl's/ tan boots target/ gold leaf earrings forever 21

What is something from your closet that you can wear in a different way?


  1. I love it! The sweater looks so cute with it!


  2. This looks darling! The dress looked almost like taffeta until you told different! :)

  3. yay for giving pieces fresh and completely different looks!

  4. I love that dress and jacket!
    Good post:)

  5. I love the dress. Would you rember what pattern you used? I think ti would be neat to make . Like the jacket too. Do come over some time!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Savories of Life I'll go look it up for you. And let you know the pattern on your blog. : )


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