Thursday, September 22, 2011

I ♥ Thursday {no. 13}

First off, the winner of the necklace & earrings set.

Congratulations, Rachel! I'll be getting in touch with you soon! I might not have time today, because it is my dad's birthday and I have a huge dinner to cook for him. =)

Now, my favorites for this week.

My number one love of this week has to be Kate of The Small Things Blog. If you don't follow her already, you must go follow her now. Why? She is a professional hairstylist. Is very sweet and helpful! And has the most helpful hints and tutorials for styling your hair on her blog. She has one of those blogs were you always check to see of they wrote a new post. 

Essie nail polish. Love the colors, brush, packaging, and everything about it screams girly to me. l.o.v.e it! My favorite colors right now are a list & carry on, respectively. 

What is your favorite Essie color? Which one should I try next? ;-)

I'm loving this color combo right now. black+yellow+fuchsia =awesome! In fact, my outfit for today is this look. I also found out, I don't own one black cardigan or long sleeve shirt. Must put these items on my black Friday shopping list. Yes, I'm already making a black Friday shopping list.

Good News {1947} with Peter Lawford & June Allyson - My favorite dance number? The Varsity drag. But then again, any of the scenes with Peter Lawford dancing and singing are my favorite.

What have you been loving?


  1. I love the June Allyson dance!!!!


  2. Love the outfits! I've never really liked yellow with pink, but that yellow with fuchsia looks really good!

  3. Oh, Ashley! You are having a good Thursday. ::smile:: LOVE the mustard, fuchsia, and black outfit! I would love to recreate something like that too. It does sound like you should definitely be looking for a black top when you go Black Friday shopping (and cardigans are ALWAYS good!). The Essie nail colors you have look wonderful. I'm really going to have to start following Kate's blog... it looks fabulous! Oh, and the shoes in the Varsity Drag. We girls are always mooning over how DARLING the girls shoes are! I especially love June Allyson's. I want a pair just like that!
    Hmm. What I'm loving this today??
    -70s patterns
    -The Thin Man (did you know that Peter Lawford played in a Thin Man TV show??)
    -colorful yarn
    -bib necklaces
    -pretty engagement pictures

    Wow! That was a long comment!
    Much love, friend~ xx Achaia

  4. @Achaia Yes, I just discovered that Peter Lawford played in a Thin Man TV show last week. I haven't watched any episodes yet. Have you?

  5. It was a special feature on one of my original Thin Man dvds, and I haven't had the opportunity to see the entire show. (just bits and pieces)xxx


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