Sunday, September 18, 2011

Girls Outing Downtown

You may have noticed, I haven't really been blogging this past week. There is a reason - I came down with a sore throat and cold last Tuesday morning {I still have the cold}. I had so many plans for this past week. Make cake pops & candy with my little sister, Abby. Start on a circle skirt for Casey's sew along. Refashion some clothes for the fall from my wardrobe. Start making little girls clothing, headbands, and doll clothes for my etsy shop. And I had some great ideas for blog posts this week. Instead I've been stuck in bed {except for Wednesday, when I went out for the afternoon. Which is why I'm writing this post.} watching movies & TV shows, coming up with outfit ideas, and dreaming of hair styles.

Now that you have some background on my week, you maybe wondering? If she was sick, why is the post titled, "Girls Outing Downtown." Well, my dearies. Gabrielle, Hanne-col, and I had been planning to meet up with a friend {Beth} for a girls outing in downtown Indy on Wednesday afternoon. My sore throat was gone, I had just a minor cold at that time, so I decided to go with my sisters downtown {I wasn't about to miss out on this adventure! I had to go}. I packed my thermos with plenty of orange juice for the trip and headed downtown. Here are a bunch of pictures of our little adventure.

  Heading downtown

One of the places we had to stop at - a tea shop called, Teapots n Treasures. {You would love this place, Amber!} I was able to try out two teas, which I ended up simply adoring {which is not normal for me}. They were called, something Octoberfest and Pumpkin Chai. Yummy. 

Tea Sets

Then I spotted THE most WONDERFUL teapot/teacup! It was red with white polkadots. Very Cath Kidston. {I immediately thought of you, Acahia!} =)

Statue of William Henry Harrison.

Our friend, Beth.

Inside the State House.

It was beautiful!

Bust of George Rogers Clark.

Resting inside the State House.

We found an old US mail slot. {that is Hanne-col.}

After the State House we walked to the brand new 9-11 memorial. This is a beam from the World Trade Center. Want to know something amazing? Ten years later you can still smell the smoke in the steel{?} beam. 

More of the memorial. 

A beautiful bridge along our canal.

Me, Gabrielle, and Hanne-col.

And that was my adventure downtown. Though, I think all those hours in the cold walking around made my cold worse. But it was worth it. ;-)


  1. oh what fun! I love going to downtowns with my sisters and friends. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! I love your outfit, by the way. That polka-dotted tea set is adorable!!!

  3. wow those rooms are impressive in all there shining glory, it looks looks a very interesting place to visit. At the risk of sounding mindless are you in new your city ?
    I hope you feel better I hate having plans and then getting sick.
    Rachel Hope

  4. Thanks girls!

    @ Rachel - No, I'm not in New York City. :) And I am feeling much better now. I just can't shake off my cough.

  5. What a fun day, Ashley! And I love the teapot. ::smile:: You girls look so cute!! Oh, and I love your fedora.

    xxx Achaia

    PS Abiah wants to know where Gabrielle got her skirt.. she loves it.

  6. @Achaia :D
    Well, Gabrielle got her skirt from me. Which means I made it. :) I used Butterick 5249 which is an easy pencil skirt pattern, though I think the pattern is out of print now. I have a pattern review with all the changes I did to the pattern here:

  7. Ohhhh, how FUN! I love going downtown! ;)


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