Thursday, September 8, 2011

1939/1940 Fall/Winter Sears & Roebuck Catalog

I'm so excited to share with y'all my find on Etsy. A 1939/1940 Fall/Winter Sears & Roebuck Catalog! There is so much information packed into this thick catalog. Books, clothing, sewing supplies, beauty products, and so much more. It is simply glorious! Here is just a sneak peak into the catalog. And I may, or may not have gone overboard on the pictures. ;-) But I tell you, this is just a small fraction of the catalog.

Darling colorful winter coats. I'll take either E or F {the two on the right}.

Love the suit on the right! I even bought some suiting fabric like that in LA last month. Hmm...ideas.

Winter coats back then were so glamorous. 

More lovely suits. 

Could these dresses and jackets just pop into my closet, please? 

Wouldn't mind owning a few of these skirts. 

One of the things I loved most about browsing through this catalog is the colors. I never imagined them wearing these bright colors. Don't know why. But it never crossed my mind that they would. I always thought of the era in more muted tones.

Brightly colored blouses for between $1.98 - $1.00. 

L.o.v.e these cardigans! Very classic and colorful. 

These are pretty too. I like the mustered color one on the bottom left-side corner.

Hats! Hats! Hats!

More glorious hats! 

May I have the, Deanna Durbin styled hat, please? 

 Hair supplies. Do you see the "Movie Wave" set? It says, "The 'Hair-Dos' of the stars right at your fingertips." I wonder if it came with a booklet on how to do your stars favorite hairstyle? 

 Beauty supplies....

 More beauty supplies....


 Lovely boots. The ones on top remind me of boots you can buy today. 

 Adorable booties. I adore the fur trimmed ones. 

 These plaid dresses for girls are so cute!

 I wouldn't mind having view E of the juniors coats. So cute! Her headscarf is adorable too.

Fun colorful, woolens that you can buy.

 Velvet and corduroy colors you can buy. 


 Cotton flannels....


Look! A Mickey Mouse watch. 

Which are your favorites? Also, what pages would you like to see next?


  1. Goodness, these are wonderful! I love the fact that this doesn't just cover clothes but everything down to face powders and hair curlers! What a marvellous treasure you have here. And I too love the colours! I think people tend to think of 30s/40s fashion having lots of ditsy prints etc. but it was mostly bold colours and big patterns!

  2. QUOTE: "I never imagined them wearing these bright colors. Don't know why."

    LOL, for me, it's because movies and pictures from that time are all in black-and-white, so I tend to think of that era as "shades of grey"! These colorized pictures are quite the revelation.

    My favorite items are:
    * Coat "F" in the first picture. I wish they still made Winter coats like that...and for that price!
    * The plaid/tartan dress on the dress-and-jackets page. I love tartan!
    * Blouses: The rainbow-striped one (so cheery!), the greenish one with ruffles down the front, and the pink one with the "flattering jabot." So feminine! Again, why can't they make stuff like this nowadays??
    * BOOTS! Tall boots! I think I'm in love!!!

    Could we see more dresses and jewelry/accessories, please?

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  3. I love the page of colorful blouses! So often I get stuck on one color (lately it's been pink ;) or "basics" and forget to add more color into the mix! Thank you so much for sharing these--they're all so neat to look at. Won't complain if you post more! ;)

  4. As usual your vintage posts are really special. In its day, the arrival of the Sears catalog was one high events of the day. Not just for those in rural ares, it was a mainstay in many homes. I particularly liked the fabric samples. Please share more, these photo's are great!

  5. What a fantastic find! The Sears catalog had a bit of everything, didn't it! I love the long blue skirt with the lime green blouse -- fun to see color combos that are popular today.

  6. Beautiful! You could never post too many pictures. I love the red woolen dress. It would be so perfect for fall into winter...
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    BTW, Google books has 1940 Life Magazine issues online. They are really neat to look through, especially as they did features sometimes on celebrities of the era.

  7. Glad y'all enjoyed seeing pictures! I'll definitely post more pictures in the coming weeks.

  8. I am such a FAN of FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My, those are are beautiful! And those prices...I wish I had today's money and 1940's prices and styles. Everything is so pretty and feminine! I love the skirts and the plaid dresses.
    Oh yes, and I was quite excited to see the fact that the boots were made with Goodyear-Welt construction. My dad works for Goodyear! :)

  10. That picture of the long, blue, high-waisted skirt is right up my alley. Love it. But would you happen to know where I could get the pattern for it?

  11. I liked page 7 & 20 the most! My dad found a knitting and crochet pattern book for me from 1942! The patterns are totally adorable!

    ~Island Dreamer~


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