Sunday, August 21, 2011

Etsy Shopping Spree

There is nothing like shopping on Etsy. You can find almost anything you are looking for on there. May that be vintage, handmade, or supplies. It is best for me to not go searching on Etsy too often. ;-) Well, this weekend I wanted to buy some vintage magazines for BF's birthday (I mentioned it in this post). Guess what? I found some awesome things for my magazine collection! Like really good stuff. The pictures in this post show a sneak peak to some of the magazines I bought. ;-) I'll show them all to you in their full glory once they all arrive in the mail. *smiles*

I have a question. Have any of you had good success buying and wearing vintage clothing that you have bought off of Etsy? I'm such an odd size (32-28-38) that I'm afraid the clothes will either be too big on top, or too tight around my waist & hips. Give me your thoughts and tips on buying vintage clothing online. Oh, I'm also looking for mostly 1950s and early 60s dresses {maybe a few other pieces too}. Like the ones Jessica @ What I Wore and Casey @ Elegant Musings wear.

For those who collect vintage magazines. How do you store yours? I have a fairly large collection (maybe between 25-40?). Right now all of my magazines that don't fit into a modern magazine box-thing (from IKEA), which is most of them, are just laying on my bedroom floor. Not very good. I look forward to hearing what y'all have to say.


  1. Lovely finds! The Comb/Outs number looks so fun=)

    I have a friend that stores her special magazines in a cardboard box, covered in floral upholstery fabric with the front cutaway so the titles can be seen. I plan to make one of my own as soon as I have a place to put it!


  2. These are such cool finds! I'd love to start collecting these someday...

    As for storing magazines, I just bought a bin for mine (one of those rectangular ones that you might use to store knitting supplies, etc...) it works perfectly! Something like that might work for yours...(:

  3. hmm... these magazines are lovely Ashley! :)
    I don't have any marvellous ideas at the moment.... I am sure there is a creative girl out there who does tho... I hope she finds you!

  4. Thank you for storing magazines tips girls!


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