Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) - Deanna Durbin

Let's see here, the last time I did a Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) post was in February. Oh. my. My past posts where on Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Judy Garland

Today's post is on one of my very favorite actresses, Deanna Durbin. She is adorable, beautiful, and has some of the cutest clothes. Oh, did I mention her hair? I would love to have her hair. It's gorgeous! :)

Deanna wears some adorable clothing in the film, Christmas Holiday {1944}. Which has Gene Kelly in it - as a bad guy and she doesn't know it. It's a tragic - yet a simply lovely movie. :) 

Here's an adorable outfit and hat that Deanna is wearing. And her shoes! They look like they have bows on them! How cute. 

A sweet and darling formal. I love the ruffle at the bottom. Once again her hair is beautiful.  

Lovely red coat and blue scarf. 

Cute polka-dot formal.

Cute formal for a young lady in her early to mid-teens. 

Movies I've Seen Her In:

Something in the Wind {1947}
Christmas Holiday {1944}
His Butler's Sisters {1943}
The Amazing Mrs. Holiday {1943}
It's a Date {1940}
It Started with Eve {1941}
First Love {1939}
Mad About Music {1938}
One Hundred Men and a Girl {1937}
Lady on a Train {1945}

Have you seen any of Deanna Durbin's films? What are your favorite one{s}? What is your favorite outfit of hers? Also, do any of you know of a good site for non-head shot pictures of Deanna Durbin?


  1. I love the formal dress with the ruffle and the polka dotted one, and you're right, her hair is so beautiful! I wish my waves would like that. They are such a pain somedays!

  2. Gene Kelly as a bad guy? Impossible! :) I love him. I can't believe I've never heard of that film!

    I've actually never seen any of her movies. I do have some vintage piano sheet music from a few of her films, though. That second to last picture is gorgeous-her, her hair, the dress, the background, everything.


  3. @Kristin You can watch several of her films here: :)

  4. You know what, Ashley?? I've NEVER seen a movie with Deanna Durbin!! Some of the ones you've seen sound really good. I found some pictures of her here:, though several of them are head shots.
    I love your 'who inspires you' posts!
    xxx Achaia

  5. @Achaia We must remedy that, Achaia. As you MUST see one of her movies as she is one of my favorite actresses. I like Deanna Durbin like you like Errol Flynn. :)

    I'm hoping to email you sometime this weekend. :)

  6. I've never seen any of her movies either, so thank you for the Youtube link! I'll be adding those to my watch later list. ;)

    P.S. I think she is beautiful already!

  7. I LOVE Deanna Durbin!!! BTW, three smart girls is a must-see!!

  8. I heard about deanna durbin through a dear friends blog ( unfotunately she dosen't have it anymore) I Watcher Lady On A Train and I was simply hooked. Outside of Audrey Hepburn she is one of my faveorite actresses now. I watch ever movie of hers I can get my hands on. I have watched over half of her films....maybe 13 or fifteen I would have to go back and count.
    Btw love your blog!!!


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