Monday, June 20, 2011

Vintage Birthday Party DIY List

1. Tissue Paper Pom Poms - I love the look of these tissue paper pom poms that I found on Etsy. But instead of buying them off Etsy I'll just make my own. I already have a bunch of tissue paper in my stash {comes from having many hobbies, like making paper flowers when I was around 14 - 15}. If they turn out alright, I might do a tutorial. :)

2. Fabric Banner - I love the look of this fabric banner I found on Etsy. I have no idea where I would hang it up. Oh I know. I'll just have it drape along the wall. Yes, that will work out just dandy. Once again I won't be buying this, but making my own. This will be perfect for all my scraps. :)

3. Decorate the table with vintage patterns, magazines, and pictures. Using patterns from my stash and magazines I have collected over the years. It will help bring in that vintage vibe. As for pictures, I'll just print some of my favorite vintage pictures & old Hollywood pictures off my macbook. :) 

4. What I wish I had.... A train case would be nice. As would vintage tablecloths, napkins, and dishes. But I don't have any of these at this time - maybe someday I will. :) There are some lovelies on Etsy. 

Before I go, let me show you some inspirational pictures of some shabby chic, vintage-themed, parties & picnics. 

{images from: Etsy. Personal. Tumblr.}


  1. Long sigh... so loverly!

    God bless!

  2. How pretty!!!!! Is the fabric banner kinda small or is it just the way it is in the picture?
    I love the idea of the patterns!!!

    ~Scottish Gal~

  3. Looks like a lovely party! :) So, are you actually doing this, or is it just a dream of your's? ;) Oooh, if those poms turn out, PLEASE do a tutorial!!! My sister's graduation party is this coming weekend, and I would love to make some of those to hang around...


  4. These are beautiful ideas! I might just have to steal some inspiration for my own party sometime in the future from this. I especially love the pom-poms! Hope yours turn out. :)

  5. @Scottish Gal I think it is just the way it is in the picture. :)

  6. @Lucia Marie Oh, I'm actually doing this. We go all out for our birthday parties around here. :) I'm making the pom poms right now and they are turning out like a charm! Meaning, I will be doing a tutorial this week. :)

  7. Oh, your party will be stunning. *sigh* post tons of photos please! :) Oh, and your 30 for 30 remixes are so fun to watch... don't know if I could ever do it :P
    God bless!!!


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