Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plans for my 21st Birthday Party... =)

In a little under a month it will be my 21st birthday. I have some big plans in the works to celebrate my birthday - like something for y'all. Lord willing, twenty-one of you will be receiving a gift. Yes, on my birthday I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway. A new giveaway posted every hour for twenty-one hours on July 5th {my birthday}. I'm warning you now so y'all don't go into shock. :p But I'm still looking for some more sponsors. Would any of YOU like to sponsor something. If you are interested, feel free to email me at: bramblewoodfashion {at} hotmail {dot} com. 

Now about my birthday party. The theme is going to be vintage, with a slant towards the 1940s & 1950s {two of my favorite eras}. With my birthday being on the end of a long Holiday weekend, I might just have a camp out with my siblings where we watch some of my favorite old Hollywood movies.  Or I might just do it with Gabrielle & Hanne-col. That way we can watch Roman Holiday, High Society, It Happened One Night and the like. You know, more girly movies ones my brother and little sister wouldn't want to watch. :)

Source {Hey YoYo
Oh, while watching the movies we could eat popcorn out of vintage popcorn bags! I found some really cute vintage party stuff on Etsy.  The ones on the right only cost $3.50 for 25 bags. That would be so much fun! And it would add that perfect vintage touch. Don't y'all agree? 

This is so much fun telling y'all about my party plans. It makes me sit down and really think how I want my party to be. Just so you know, I love having parties, attending parties, and planning parties. I adore celebrating events - big and small. It's just something I love and I've been planning our birthday parties since I was about 12, so about 2002. Wow! That mean next year I would have been planning our parties for one decade. I never realized that. Anyways, back to my party plans. 

Where was I? Oh, yes. I need to tell you my ideas for my party. My idea for dinner is for us to go out to eat at Ted's Montana Grill. They have amazing bison burgers {yummy!}, great fries and even more amazing onion rings! Did I mention their ranch dressing, salted cucumbers, and lemonade? Yes, I dearly love their food. If you haven't tried them out yet - you must. It's really good. Oh, and they don't use plastic straws, but paper ones - I love them! :) 

Source {Hey YoYo}
We would then come back to our house for cake & ice cream. With the kitchen/dining room decorated in a fun, vintage look. With stripes and polkadots included. They are my one true weakness. *smiles* First the dessert menu. There would be Gluten-Free cake/cupcakes for those who can't have gluten. While those who can have gluten would have, wait for it, Red Velvet Cupcakes in vintage inspired cupcake liners. What fun and how delicious! I just have to decided what type of cupcake liners to pick. As they come in gingham, plaid, and polkadots! Oh My! 

Source {Hey YoYo}
 We would also have chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with Trader Joe's fabulous Hot Fudge Sauce! Maybe with a few fresh strawberries on top too. Yummy. 

There is also the idea of having paper straws for our drinks - which I think is such fun! I don't know what it is, but I adore paper straws. They are so much prettier then plastic ones. :) Once again, I'll have to decided between polkadots and barber stripes. I think the dots are cute and different. But then again, the barber stripes are nice too. :)

Then there are decorations. I was thinking pink & white balloons, streamers, and cake plates. I would also do a few DIY projects for decorations. But I'll save that for another post. :) So ya, I'll talk to y'all in my next post.


  1. Oh,that sounds yummy!!!

    do you eat gluten free. half of my family does including me.

    My little sisters birthday is tomorrow and I think were having gluten free icecream cake!

    You have to post photos of your special day for us! Cause I kno wI would love to see everything,yes even the yummy food! ;)

  2. How fun is this! I *love* the paper straws- so adorable! I would go with the polka dots. ;)

  3. You should get some 50s looking cups from the store and have milkshakes. :)

  4. that sounds like so much fun!!

    have a blast! :)

  5. Sounds likes fun! My brother's birthday in in August then mine and my sister's is in November, so we get to get creative with ideas!

    Please post pictures! We would all love to see how your special day went! :)

    Keep on bloggin',

  6. HI Ashley...Oh, your birthday party plans sound AWESOME...I wish I'd done that when I'd turned 21..but I can do that for my next birthday :) :) Have an aewsome time...

    I had to laugh when I heard you mentioned "My one true weakness". Do you by any chance watch that British period drama called Lark Rise to Candleford? There's a character on that show...Miss Dorcas Lane who owns the Candleford post office. She is always saying something is her one weakness. I figured out that one thing is EVERYTHINg :) :) It's a great show and the period costumes are outstanding :) :)

    I can't wait to see what all yo post on your birthday :) :) That will be really fun :) :)

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;) :)

    p.s. I really like those vintage popcorn bags :) :) So cute :) :)

  7. @Farmgirl More than half of my family eats gluten free. I was gluten free all last year - until November when I started including some gluten back into my diet. :)

    How fun a gluten free ice-cream cake! Did you y'all make it?

  8. @Heather's Blog-o-rama Yes, a friend of mine got me hooked on Lark Rise to Candleford. I've been watching the show YouTube, so far I'm only on season 1. :)

    This is my way to have y'all apart of my birthday. :)

    Aren't those popcorn bags cute! :)

  9. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful birthday, Ashley! I love the little popcorn bags!!! :) I also LOVE the straws that you picked. They're so pretty!! I do hope you shall take LOTS of pictures of your party!!! :~)

    Happy (early) Birthday!!!!! :D

    ~Scottish Gal~

  10. Wow - I'm only about six days older than you! Your vintage party ideas sound lovely! :)

  11. How exciting, Ashley! It's sounds like your b-day is going to be a blast.

    I was just reading your stats on one of your pages. I would love it if you'd do a post on how you gained so much would be great to hear any blogging tips you might have!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  12. Your party sounds like so much fun!I like the vintage them. I would vote for polka dot straws if you were taking a vote.
    Oh, and I liked your "one true weakness" quote. :)

  13. How exciting :). Happy birthday in advance.

  14. Oh, Ashley, your party sounds like sooo much fun!! I love all of your ideas (yay for vintage!). The things you found on Etsy are adorable. Guess what?? Popcorn isn't my favorite thing to eat (I know, that's strange), but even I would eat popcorn just so I could use those cute popcorn bags! I've never heard of the restaurant you want to go to, but it sounds so yummy! Oh, and your movies sound perfect!! I haven't seen High Society yet, but it looks so cute. Is it really good?

    I loved hearing about all your birthday plans! And I agree-- planning parties is so much fun!

    xxxx Achaia


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