Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 for 30 Remix | Outfit 16

Cream Tunic Anthropologie / Patchwork Skirt Made by yours truly {post} / Tan Boots Target / Black Skinny Belt Forever 21 / Layer Necklace Bass Shoe Outlet / Owl Ring Kohl's / Pink Rose Ring Etsy / Floral Drop Earrings Etsy

I found my new favorite outfit today. Isn't it simply darling?!? The shirt is really a tunic, but as these are these are the only two pieces of clothing left in my closet for the challenge {I didn't wash my clothes on purpose. This forces me to be more creative.} I decided to just tuck the tunic in my skirt. This gives me so many ideas on different ways I can wear my tunics {including this one}. So be bold. Do something unique. Try something new tomorrow, or even this week with one piece in your closet and post pictures on your blog and let me know that you did something different too. =)


  1. I love it, it might be my new favorite outfit too! ;-)

  2. It's lovely, Ashley! You have a real knack for this kind of thing :-) I could sure use your help some days!!!
    The Spider Spinster

  3. I love that outfit! That skirt - oh my word - is that every cute! I love it so much! Keep up the work

    FYI: You've inspired me to be more creative in my taste of clothes ;)

    BTW: I love your blog so much!

    Kelly Beth

  4. Very cute outfit! :)


  5. This is SO cute! My favorite so far, actually! I adore your skirt!!! It's super adorable!(:


  6. This is one of my favorite of your outfits thus far! Thanks for the travel tips, too {I was already planning to go to Portabello Road ...& I got too - I'll blog about it later}.


  7. Hi there! Can you please tell me more information about the brown boots from Target? I love them! If you know the name brand and other info I may be able to find them. I would really apprecate it!


  8. @Michelle Here's a link to the boots: http://www.target.com/p/Womens-Mossimo-Supply-Co-Kagome-Western-Boot-Cognac/-/A-12241106


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