Monday, June 27, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 15

Navy Blue & White Stripe Shirt Kohl's / Yellow Sundress Gabrielle made it / Tan Boots Target / Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market

I traded in my 1950s orange & blue sundress for this yellow sundress. Why? I wasn't inspired at all. Besides, this sundress is a more neutral color. :) And look. I'm mixing prints together. Oh. My. I've always been told, 'you don't wear prints together.' Over the past few years I've watched fashion bloggers mix prints. But I never got the courage to do so myself - until today that is. It took a remixing challenge to get me to mix my prints. :p 

Besides this being the half-way point in the 30x30 challenge {15th outfit}. This is also my 500th post on Bramblewood Fashion! Whoopee! 

Want more exciting news? Some movie magazines from the 1940s that I bought on Etsy last week came today in the mail. And one of them has an article on Deanna Durbin! I might scan some of the magazine pages and post them either on here, or one of my other blogs {here or here}. :)


  1. Cute outfit, Ashley! It can take some getting used to to realize you CAN actually mix different prints.

    Oh, do post some snippets from your vintage magazines! I just found out the other day that we have a Deanna Durbin movie! I'll have to check it out. ::smile::

    xx Achaia

  2. That is such an adorable outfit, Ashley! I love the skirt and boots combo!

  3. Oh my word! I have used that exact yellow fabric before for a dress of my own! I was just learning to sew at that time, and when I finished the dress I was quite certain that it felt like a hospital gown and I never wore it. I think your dress looks adorable though! Yellow is such a cheerful color. :)

  4. Hi Ashley, Recently found your blog, and am enjoying reading it and looking around! Just mentioned you over on my blog, in my latest Fabulously Feminine post (as I speak, its not up quite yet)
    Its great to see another young lady standing up for pretty and feminine modesty!



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