Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Wearing + Book Sale Treasures

Well, guess what? Tomorrow the finalist for the Keeping it Classy {modest fashion week} will be announced!! I, also, have a little surprise for y'all on Saturday. I know you will like it. Trust me. You will. =)

First off, what I wore today. If you were to see what I've been wearing this week, you would think it was Spring around here. But it's not. I'm just protesting against winter. 

Not really, I just want warm weather to come real soon.  

What I wore today: Large Floral Skirt {made by me} (Amy Butler Pattern); White Ruffle T-shirt {Ann Taylor}; Navy Blue Cardigan {Old Navy}; Tan Boots {Target}; Cameo Necklace {Portobello Road Market, London, UK}; "Kate Spade" inspired earrings (to me at least) {Etsy}; and a Yellow Flower Ring {c/o Stella & Dot (won in a giveaway)}.

This is the ring I was wearing today. Well, actually since the mail came. It arrived this afternoon! How cute is this ring!?! I love the little ladybird detail in the center.

I found so many good things at the last book sale and then on half-price day. That I decided I HAD to share pictures with all of you. You don't mind do you? I know I always enjoy seeing what treasures everyone else finds. =) We will start off the books in the above picture. The bottom book is a German bible from 1872. The owners were originally from German but immigrated to America in 1855, I believe, to Ohio. Very interesting. The middle book is, Mother's Truth's Melodies: A Kindergarden for Little Folks by: Mrs. E. P. Miller {1879}. While the top book I think is a Psalter put together by Martin Luther from 1834. If any of you read German, here is the title page.

The bottom book is Swiss Family Robinson from 1888. The girl who owned this book was a school teacher. She received the book as a gift from her first teaching job, she was only sixteen. The other two books are Little Men & Little Women {1910}.

 Where Women Create magazine. The Williamsburg Art of Cookery by: Mrs. Helen Bullock. Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook {1954, first edition}.

The Big Book of Knitting by: Isabella Stevenson {1948}; American Costume Dolls: How to Make and Dress Them by: Nina Jordan {1941}; Irish Linen: The Fabric of Elegance {1945}.

Knitting pamphlets/books.

Four LOOK magazines, One LIFE magazine, and one POST magazine {this is a British magazine}. All of these magazines are from the 1940s.

 A ton of little cookbooks from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

Here are the movies I found. Victoria & Albert BBC, Christmas in Connecticut, The Philadelphia Story, Life with Father, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and two Christmas special episodes of Ozzie & Harriet.  

There is a modest fashion week coming up in April that will be hosted by Miss Grace @ Grace Place. Visit her blog for more details.

Before I forget. How do all like the new layout? 



  1. I love your outfit! I'm wearing a similar cameo right now, myself.(: And yep, that looks like a Psalter to me! What a cool find! All of your books look pretty awesome.(:

  2. I recently went to the thrift store and found a 1955 edition of Eight Cousins. I love the vintage illustrations in it!

    Ah, what lovely treasures! Plus, I absolutely adore your yellow ring. I may have to get me something like that. ;)

  3. I love your outfit and your new ring!!

  4. I love this outfit! I'm craving Spring weather so badly. :) I love your boots... I think you've tempted me to pull out mine again!

  5. Ashley I love love love this outfit! I believe navy is the best color on every person! Its so cheery and chic on you! I was at the thrift store yesterday and I found 2 navy dresses. Pictures coming when my sister gets home from her trip to Florida. She has the camera. :)

    My mouth just about dropped to the floor when I saw those antique books! WOW! they are so old and so wonderful! My friend Stephanie Ann has a page on her blog about book preserving if you are interested. I have not tried it yet myself on my old books from the 1860's and 40's, but I want to try it. Here is her blog-

    just go to her care for antiques tab for more info.

    loved chatting with you for 2 hours the other night! so much fun!

    In Christ,

  6. Thank you!

    I love your new layout! I love pink and brown... and especially polka dots! =)

    ~Miss Grace~

  7. What great finds! I love all those books you found.
    I'm wanting spring to come too. :)

  8. AGHHH! I've got Spring fever bad too! I purposely put on light 'airy' colors yesterday for that reason. I find that if I change my bed spread into pastels (I have two, one thats lighter for Summer, and heavier for Winter) that helps some to see the cheery colors. Cute outfit! I like the shirt-cardigan combo!

    Oh man! You scored some amazing things!

  9. Wow! Those are some pretty cool books! Imagine what those books could tell us about their previous owners and history if they could talk!

  10. Great books! I always love finding old books for good prices!


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