Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nancy Drew Event Starts THIS Friday...

Are you ready? I just hope it warms up where I live, because most of my vintage-y clothes are for Spring & Summer. =D Plus, I'm simply dying for warmer weather. Because guess what? It's snowing outside right now. How I wish it was rain instead. =)  

Anyways, I created some Polyvore sets for y'all for some Nancy Drew fashion inspiration.
Nancy Drew 2

Calling all Nancy Drew fans! You have to check out Bess's blog, Nancy's Notebook. It is a great resource for Nancy Drew fans. :)

Also check out the post I did last year on Nancy Drew's Style


  1. Sounds great! Can I enter a
    polyvore I did a while ago, with this blog event in mind? And if I enter for one or a few days, do I have to enter for everyday? And is it contest?

    Please answer my questions in a comment here:

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Where can I find those outfits???

  3. Caitlin - If you click on each picture it will take you to a page that will tell you were you can buy everything. =)

  4. Question...
    To qualify for the Vintage category, does every single item in the outfit have to be vintage, or can it be vintage style clothes that I made and wear with vintage accessories?

    ~Natasha Marie~

  5. Natasha Marie - It can be a mix of vintage style clothes that you have made with vintage accessories. That is perfectly fine.

  6. Wonderful! Thanks for answering my question.
    This is going to be so fun!=D

    ~Natasha Marie~

  7. I wish I had some Nancy Drew-ish outfits! I can't wait to see what everyone wears :) Cute Idea!!

  8. Thanks for featuring my blog! Hopefully I can still cram in time to enter, cause I totally want too, but the no-computer thing is hard (I don't have one at my new home)! Anywho, love the outfits + your header, too!
    P.S.: Did you get your pay it forward package in the mail?

  9. Super cute !!! ;)


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