Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Love Affaire with Kate Spade :)

I adore Kate Spade. The colors. The Polka dots. The Uniqueness. It all equals up to love. :) It seams that most of my favorite brands & designers are more on the expensive side. Hmm. I wonder why?

Some bags I like. How about the Emma book clutch? How unique is that? They also have Great Expectations, Romeo & Juliet, and The Importance of Being Ernest as book clutches.

How about these fun & colorful shoes? I'm loving the wellies {rainboots}. I really want to buy a pair of polka-doted wellies. And these heels. So cute! Loving the color and the flower. Another thing on my wish list, red shoes.

If I had iPhone I would love to have this Kate Spade iPhone cover. It's cute and so me! Now, the statement ring is pretty awesome too. 

Now the clothes. Pinks? Florals? Polka-dots? Yes, yes, yes! Oh. What joys! =) I love the classic, yet fun touches Kate Spade adds to her clothing. Like fun colors, polka-dots, stripes, large florals, and the like. 

Do you like Kate Spade? What are your favorites?



  1. Love it! I love wellies too. I outgrew the pair I have so I better start saving up.. some of the designs they have are so cute!
    I love all the colors! It's so...unqiue! In a good way! Love it.

  2. I love Kate Spade as well! Her designs are cute and quirky... and very feminine also IMO. :)

  3. I looove the dress in the first picture!

  4. I'm so glad you pointed us over to Kate Spade, Ashley! Beautiful things... I agree-- a little "ouch" on the prices, but be still my beating heart on the clothes! Oh, and those red shoes. My gracious.they.are.fantastic! I love the striped dress in the top picture.
    Hope you are having a beautiful first day of March, Ashley!!

    Achaia xxx

  5. I love kate spade too! Those clothes are darling :)


  6. I love, love, love Kate Spade and was beyond ecstatic when I found out that Bryce Dallas Howard was the new face for Kate Spade. I'm going to do a huge post about it sometime soon. :)

    SOMEDAY I want to own something from Kate Spade. :)

  7. i just loooooove that dress!!! just way 2 pretty!!!

  8. Oh my...her things are just amazing...but the price, OUCH! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed "window shopping"!


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