Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Outfit, Chocolate Cupcakes, & Etsy Sewing

 Navy Blue Cardigan {Old Navy}, White Blouse {Kohl's}, Yellow Pencil Skirt {Made by me}, White Tights {J.C.Penny}, Tan Boots {Target}, Narnia inspired earrings {made by me}.

Outside today it was freezing. Hence the pictures were taken inside. =) I hope you all don't mind, but I really don't want to freeze. I love the pop of color this pencil skirt gives, except I have trouble wearing it. I'm not used to wearing such colors {my wardrobe used to be filled with safe colors. example: navy, white, more blue, black, denim, cream...}, but now I adore wearing bright colors. =) 

The other day I made these delicious chocolate cupcakes. They are so good! You can find the recipe on Hershey's website, let's see...oh yes, you can view it right here. This has been my favorite cake & frosting recipe for years now. It's that good. =) Are you craving a cupcake yet?

Ah, yes. I've been working on my etsy shop lately. I have several things that are waiting to be photographed before being listed on etsy. Like the above skirt {sorry, the lighting is wonky}.  

Is there any projects/baking you have been doing lately?



  1. That chocolate cake recipe is my absolute favorite as well! I love it!

  2. Let's see...baking, definitely NOT today :) ) However, I am going to pick up my quilt that I"m working on my hand and see if I can sew a few more pieces together :) :) It'll take me a few years to finish, at this rate, but that's okay :) :) Oh, that bright yellow skirt is really cute :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. The skirt is pretty. I enjoy brighter colors too but yellow just dosen't flater me AT ALL so i stick to more reds :)
    I am hoping to try the cupcake soon!
    And the skirt is just cute :)

  4. I love bright colors too as you will see on my remix challenge photos from today! I am now craving some type of sweet and I believe I will try and bake some sweets on saturday! that would be fun! Your inspiring!

    Can't wait to see your pretties for you store as well! I have to sew tomorrow for my store too! Lots of ideas going on that need to go to fabric and the machine.

    In Christ,

  5. Adorable. Love the bright skirt!

  6. Mmm, cupcakes! I love the color combo in your outfit!


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