Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping it Classy {Modest Fashion Week} Day 4

Guess what?!? It is in the 60s right now outside! Hurray! But it looks like the warm weather is only here for the week-end, then back to the colder weather. =( But, at least I was not freezing for my pictures today. That's always good. 

What I'm wearing today: Pinkish Blouse {hand-me-down}; Burgundy/pinkish Cami {Kohl's}; Jean Wrap Skirt {made by me}; Black Leggings {Old Navy}; Tan Boots {Target}; Pearl Earrings {gift}.  

We are already halfway through the modest fashion week. How very sad. But, I already have something up my sleeve. =) 

Y'all know the drill. Link up to the Keeping it Classy {Modest Fashion Week} below {link to the post, NOT your blog}. I am looking forward to seeing your outfits! 



  1. I love the colors of your shirts, they go very well together! Great outfit!

  2. Lovely outfit (: I feel soo stupid though, because I made the same mistake and linked to my BLOG, not my post. What should I do?

  3. Thanks girls!

    @ Hannah.Rachel - Don't worry about it. I just found out that I can edit the links. So, I fixed it for you. =)

  4. Thanks SO much, Ashley! God bless =)

  5. Cool outfit! Everything goes together so perfectly. :)
    Your boots are really cute! ;)

    I linked up.

  6. Oh, I love your outfit!! That blouse is adorable. We've got nice weather here too. I was actually kind of warm after I came back in from taking my pictures. That being said, I think it's only about 40-ish degrees out there, but compared to what it has been, that's a heat wave. :-)

  7. Very nice outfit :) I linked up!


  8. I can't believe it's already day 4! It's just flown by.... :) The wrap skirt is adorable! :D

  9. Just wanted to let you know I linked up! I love that skirt you're wearing.

  10. I love your wrap skirt! I think I might have to try making one someday!

  11. Hello!! I linked up!

    Sorry I have been so late at posting these past couple of days. I just get busy with daily duties and don't get around to blogging until later. Hopefully I will get everything up sooner the rest of the show.. =P

    In Christ's Service,

  12. Another lovely outfit!
    I linked.

  13. I love that pink blouse, and those boots!(:


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