Thursday, December 16, 2010

What to Wear | Christmas Parties

Earlier this week we were asked by one of our readers to do post on what to wear to a Christmas parties. Now, we haven't been to a Christmas party in years! So it was fun to do this post. Though if all goes well, I will be attending a Christmas formal put on by our Church for the Collage age young adults. As it is a Black Tie event I will be going all out formal! How exciting! I will be wearing the formal I made for the SAICFF back in October (yes, the event I still haven't post pictures of my outfit yet :) ).

Look One - Fancy Christmas Party. 

This is a fun, modern outfit for a more fancy Christmas party. Featuring lace, ruffles, chiffon, sparkle, and heels. If you didn't want to buy anything new, but wanted to recreate the look. Wear a black or red dress. Add a sweater or jacket with a pop of color (if wearing a black dress). Find jewelry that makes a statement. If you don't own a clutch, use a large wallet instead (I do this all the time).  

Look Two - Edgy Meets Girly

I really like this look. It features a slightly oversized sweater, slimming black skirt, ruffled booties, printed tights, and a ring that makes a statement. This is one of the easiest to recreate without buying anything. As there is a chance you already own most of the items showed here. Just wear neutral colors that look good on you, with some pops of color. My choice is black and grey with a splash of purple. 

Christmas Look Three - Girly Christmas 

Instead of wearing the traditional colors red and green - why don't you try purple and brown? I find dark purple to be quite elegant and somewhat Christmas-y. What non-traditional colors do you like to wear for Christmas events?

Christmas Look Four - Classic

This look is the most traditional. Tailored grey dress, oxford heels, splashes of red, plaid, and snowflakes. This is the look that Gabrielle loves! And if you know Gabrielle, you would know that this look is very her. She even owns the oxford heels. :) Wear a classic tailored dress, or a skirt (pencil would be fabulous! Though, a-line would work too.) and blouse. Add some punch of color in the tights and purse. Don't forget some whimsy with some Christmas themed jewelry. 

This is just a start on what you could wear to Christmas parties. I'm planing sometime soon to do a whole photo-shoot, of different Christmas party outfits that are from my closet. Hopefully, I will get it done this weekend. Because next Saturday is Christmas. :) 



  1. Love them all! Though my fave is the last one.It looks so pretty:-) Oxford heels are gorgeous!

  2. They're all so beautiful, but I can see myself wearing the last one, definitely!!!


  3. Those are beautiful outfits, Ashley! I think I like the first one best -- I like a little razzle-dazzle at Christmas. ;-)

    Hey, I wanted to ask your fashion opinion on something. I saw a great photo-article on Yahoo! News yesterday; they asked the top 12 designers in the world to sketch their ideas for the new Princess Kate's wedding dress. And I wondered, with your fashion sense, which would you pick? Do you like any of them?

    Just an idea ... Can you imagine getting asked to design the future Princess of England's wedding dress?? :-D

    Merry Christmas!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Vicki - Oh, some of them are very pretty and look modest from what I can tell. Personally, I like #12 (Monique Lhuillier) and #6 (Alberta Ferretti).

    It would be awesome, but a huge responsibility to design the future Princess of England's wedding dress! That gives me an idea. Maybe I should design a dress for her and put the drawing up on my blog. :)

  5. Thanks Ashley! That helped a lot!!! :)

  6. I love them all! I'm doing the black and gray with a splash of purple style, but I do love that last one, with just a touch of plaid. Very festive!

  7. I love them all!! :) You did a great job putting them all together...hmmm...which look should I go for? I will have to decided soon! :)

  8. Two and four are my favorites! Love those heeled oxfords, Gabrielle! (One of my very favorite looks... makes me think of Betty Grable!) Purple is a color I've loved for so long.
    Please do post some Christmas party outfits, Ashley, and I still want to see your formals!

  9. Hey Ashley!
    I come across this post that you did last year, and I had a question. For a Christmas banquet that I am going to next Saturday, I am wearing a black polka-dot dress. Do you have any ideas how I could style it to make it Christmas-ish?

  10. @MiriamYou could wear any of the following to add that Christmas touch: wintery or holiday jewelry, red tights, and/or a green or red cardigan/shawl/scarf. I hope you find this helpful, Miriam. :)

  11. Thanks, Ashley! ;) I am going to try to find some red tights or a scarf.


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