Friday, December 10, 2010

What I'm Wearing | 1940s Swing Dress

- What I'm Wearing - 

Navy Blue with White Polka-dots Swing Dress - Made by me {I used the Sense & Sensibility pattern}
Pink Cardigan - Old Navy
White Tights - JCPenny
Black Pumps - Famous Footwear
Vintage looking pearl Earrings - Claire's
Flower Hair Clip - My etsy shop (here is one like mine)

Last night on a whim I decided that I would curl my hair in a 40s style. Which is why we have a third "What I'm Wearing" post for this week. When I took my hair out of the curlers (the foam ones) I tried doing a Bettie Page bang, two victory rolls on the side, and my hair rolled up in the back. But that looked very 50s on me and the victory rolls didn't turn out so well. So I just brushed my hair out and clipped a flower on the side. Eventually I want to be able to do the victory rolls. Guess I'll have to keep practicing. :) As you know, practice makes perfect. 

As some of you know, tonight is campout/movie night at my house. This evening my two of my sisters and I are planning on watching some Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney films. Like Girl Crazy, Thoroughbreads Don't Cry, and/or Babes on Broadway. 

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  1. ahh! you made that dress?!?

    it's beautiful and so are you!!

  2. Adorable! I love 1940's fashion!

    I've been looking at that Swing Dress pattern. Some parents at my homeschool group are putting on a 1940's swing dance in February and I've been thinking about making that dress. I'm wondering if it was simple to make, because I've never sewed with a pattern before...

  3. Ashley! Your hair looks so cute!
    I love the polka dot dress! I can't believe you made it! Too bad we live so far apart, I'd take sewing classes from you! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. It is SUCH a beautiful dress!!! And your hair looks fabulous!! Very 40's. (:


  5. Ooh, I love your dress!! & your hair is so cute! I wish that I could get mine to turn out that nicely.

  6. Love Judy Garland! Wish I was with you --- it sounds like a blast! Have fun!

  7. I love this outfit!
    I actually made this dress and I wore it in a play I was in and the funy thing is I also wore a polka dot dress much like the one you have, for the play too. :)

  8. I LOVE YOUR ENSEMBLE!!!!!! You obviously felt so feminine and pretty...and looked it, too! The hair clip totally set off the whole outfit..little touches of whimsy are so fun!

    TOO cute! Maybe you could do hair tutorials too! Since I don't have a clue what a victory roll is... :)

  9. What a pretty dress, well done! I love polka dots :).

  10. Ashley! I love that dress... it's so cute. Your hair is adorable too!! I think my favorite picture is the third from the top.

    I plan to send an email your way soon!


  11. Aw, thanks everyone!

    Sereina - Well, I don't think I would recommend this pattern for your first one. But, if you want to try it out with an non-slippery fabric, like a cotton fabric you could probably do it. I think there is info on how to sew the dress on Mrs. Chancey's website.

    Natasha - I would love to live closer to you and give you sewing lessons! If you like, you can email me suggestions of "how to" sewing videos you would like me to make, or tutorials. :)

    Holly - Thanks, Holly. We did have fun!

    Kathleen - Aw, thanks! I definitely felt it. Um, maybe I could do hair tutorials. I'll think about it. :)

    Achaia - Thanks! :)

  12. Psst ... you've been tagged! Come on over to my blog for a fun Christmas quiz!

    Love in Christ,


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