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Navigating History: Egypt Online Tour

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Four homeschoolers with four cameras are in Egypt right now filming a wonderful online tour. It would be perfect to include in your history study, as you learn stuff things that won't be in your history books. I personally learned things about the pyramids last Friday night, that I never knew before! And I used to read tons of books about the pyramids, but what I learned came from an evolution worldview. Here I am now learning about egypt through a Christian worldview and it makes much more sense.

You may be asking, who are these four people that are leading this online tour? They are the following (it is taken from their website, Navigating History).

Isaac Botkin

Team leader and visionary of the Navigating History project
Since age 11, Isaac has been working in video production. In 2005 he authored a book (Outside Hollywood) and began a popular blog on filmmaking. His passion is bringing aesthetic excellence, creativity, leadership, and historical knowledge to the war of ideas. Since his early experiences in cultural warfare, he has seen how much ideas influence culture, and how much history shapes worldviews — and this is what he plans to spotlight in "Navigating History."

David Noor

Boots-on-the-ground interface with the Egyptian people
David's family traces its heritage back to a small village on the banks of the Nile. Through time spent living in Egypt and studying its language, customs, and religions, he has learned to identify key points of Egyptian culture and strain them through the grid of a biblical worldview. His home education and voracious reading also make him the team's expert in Egypt's church history, and the lessons to be learned from its rises and falls.

Steven Bowman

Lead camera man and production editor
The team's most experienced globe-trotter, Steven has been the technical lead on several projects spanning the Americas and Europe, including a 55-episode European history online series. He also worked on Vision Forum's “The Mysterious Islands” documentary. His skills in cinematography, graphic arts, visual effects, and more, bring technical finesse to the project, as his solid worldview provides ideological strength. Steven anticipates this fascinating journey to Egypt as a remarkable opportunity to observe, through the lens of a camera, an ancient culture founded in paganism, and how it was used by God to demonstrate His awesome power.

Chris Harper

IT expert and managerial muscle
Chris is a technical expert for one of the nation's top IT support firms, coming on board the Navigating History project to keep everything ticking. He's been immersed in cultural diversity across the U.S. from rural Iowa to Hollywood, but this trip will be his first outside the country. An off-the-cuff speaker and natural leader, Chris likes to make things happen. Committed to Biblical principle, Chris hopes to observe the effects of bad ideologies and compromises on laws and personal freedoms.
So my family has signed up for this wonderful online tour and we love it! They have articles posted on their website for subscribers. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they have an episode posted up with a live Q&A session after each episode. Also in between each episode they have fun informational videos posted up on their vimeo channel
Here some of the videos they have posted.


Right now they have a special offer going on. 

The Navigating History Subscription Challenge

Get five of your friends to sign up for Navigating History: Egypt and receive a free subscription worth $49.95! If you already have a membership, you can choose instead to receive a $35 e-code coupon for the Western Conservatory online store. There is no ceiling to this offer--if 50 of your friends sign up, you receive $350 in store credit.

Enter this challenge with as little as three minutes of time invested. Here's how:

    1 - Spread the word about the Navigating History: Egypt Online Tour to your friends 2 - Tell your friends to type your name in the "Referred by" section of the sign-up page when they subscribe--this is how we keep track of who has recommended whom. It's your job to make sure your friends understand this if you want a free subscription! 3 - That's all!
Is there a faster, easier (and cheaper) way to secure a subscription to an online event that is unlike any other? If you find one, let us know. We look forward to navigating the history of Egypt with you!

Here are some creative ideas for spreading the word:

    - Talk to your friends about it--strike up conversations at church or at work about the Navigating History adventure - Send the link to your emailing list - If you have a blog, post about Navigating History and this promotional deal! - Post on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz about the event, and link to videos and articles on the NH site, or the NH vimeo account.
- Invite your Facebook friends to join the Navigating History page and include a personal message asking them to list your name as the referrer.
So if you sign up for this wonderful online tour, please put the following, Ashley Nicole of Bramblewood Fashion in the referred box.  

If you are wondering what you get, if you subscribe. This is what you will receive:

6 video episodes and and lots of web resources to subscribers

December 1: Episode 1, followed by 30-minute live Q&A with the team in Egypt
December 3: Episode 2: Pyramids and the Culture of Death, followed by Q&A
December 6: Episode 3: 1400 years of Islam, followed by Q&A
December 8: Episode 4: The long legacy of Christianity in Egypt, followed by Q&A
December 10: Episode 5: Ancient Egyptian statism and its modern parallels, followed by Q&A
December 13: Episode 6: followed by Q&A with the team in London

Some of the things you get when you subscribe:

• Three additional hour-long live audio Q&A sessions, for almost nine total hours of live content
• 20% off coupon for any future Navigating History subscription
• 20% off coupon for the forthcoming Egypt DVD set
• 4 months premium access to special web features:

• Video and audio blog posts, image galleries, travel updates, archived video episodes from the live sessions
• Book recommendations and tips on how to use the series as an ancient history unit study
• Interviews with experts, team discussions, and bloopers
• Gear reviews of cameras, GPS trackers, and other equipment used by the team
• Watch the team’s progress on the map using GPS coordinates! 

• Comment on and discuss web content with other subscribers 

If you hurry, you can watch tonights video at 8PM Central Time. I hope some of you will join in this wonderful adventure! 

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