Thursday, December 23, 2010

I ♥ Thursday {no. 5}

Hello everyone! Today is Christmas Adam. Get it? Christmas Adam comes the day before Christmas Eve. You know, Adam & Eve. lol. :) Well, besides being Christmas Adam today it is a Thursday, meaning it's time for I ♥ Thursday.

I love Basil Rathbone reading aloud the book, Sherlock Holmes. You know what, I could listen to him read all day. :)

Russian Tea Cakes. Yum.

This really cool laptop cover.
(edited: I found where this is sold!!! Click here.) (:

This outfit from Casablanca that Ingrid Bergman wears. (I saw this costume when I was in L.A. this summer. It is so pretty! The blouse is a rusty paisley print with a black skirt.)

The radio & 50s TV Show Dragnet

This beautiful dress that Judy Garland wears in Girl Crazy.  

The old Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians

What are you loving this week? 



  1. Love the laptop cover! Where can I buy one?! :)

    I also second Russian Tea Cakes and Rathbone's Holmes. There's a good recording of him reading Edgar Allan Poe, too, and I'm not even a Poe fan. :)

  2. You make Russian teacakes too!? Those are one of my favorite cookies, and a traditional one for my family.. I haven't made any yet this Christmas though. :)

  3. H Ashley...Hey, you tagged me to answer some questions awhile back? I want to do that...but I don't remember how long agi that was. If you can find the link, can you either post it here or on a co mment on my blog? That would be awesome!!!

    Oh, goodness, that laptop cover is just the coolest thing ever!!! If I had a laptop computer, that would definitely be the cover for me :) :) I also really like those Russian tea cakes. They remind me of "Mexican wedding cake" cookies. I'm wondering if it's the same thing? It's one of my favorite cookies in the entire world!!!!

    Well, gotta run. I still have to put up some decorations. My dad and I are really slow where that's concerned. However, we've agreed that we'll leave them up until New Year's :)

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Hey, I love that laptop case!! That's just about the coolest case I've ever seen!

    Funny you should post about 101 Dalmatians ... we just hunted up that movie this week, because Dan and Nick had never seen it. They both loved it -- and it's one of my favorite Disney movies, too! :-D

    Merry Christmas "Adam!"

    Love in Christ,

    P.S. I like Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, too ... my favorite is still Jeremy Brett, because he was my first Sherlock, but Basil Rathbone is just downright terrific. :-)

  5. Ashley, I am definitely with you in loving 101 Dalmatians this week!! Haha! =)

  6. i adore Russian tea cakes! thanks for the reminder, i haven't had any yet this season. what?! ;)


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