Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CYA - Christmas Formal Dinner

Beth & Me
This past Monday night was the formal dinner. :) It was so much fun! And guess what?!?! I have pictures of my formal for all of you! I bet you are all so happy with me. lol.

The Coffee Bar....

I had peppermint hot chocolate. It was so good! Yum.

The tables, people, and servers. 

This is a delicious salad and roll that we were served first. 

The main course. Noodles with butter. Vegetables with stuff on them. Beef Burgundy. And chicken with a french name after them. :)

Chocolate Cheesecake. Yummy. 

The Piano.

Me & Laurie

My dress. :) There are chiffon flowers around the neckline (made by me). A purple glittery jacket. My dress is a solid deep purple.   


The first picture is taken by Carrie F. And the other pictures with me in them were taken by Beth M. All others by me. :)


  1. You look so gorgeous! :)

  2. You look beautiful and you did a great job on the gown!!!

  3. Ashley, you look sooo lovely! What a wonderful party! I love your dress!!

  4. Ashley, you looked SO gorgeous!! I just love the dress... especially the flowers around the neckline!! And I love that you have a picture of my coffee bar menu!


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