Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I'm Wearing - Patriotic Glory (Route 66 Jean Skirt)

- What I'm Wearing -

"Route 66" Jean Skirt - Made by Me {This is new. I made it for my trip to San Antonio.} 
Red & White Stripe Tank - St. John's Bay {J.C. Penny}
White Blouse - IZOD
Cameo Necklace - Portobello Road Market {London}
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Black & White Polka-Dot Headband - Claire's
  Black Boots - Bass Shoe Outlet 
Silver Ring - J.C. Penny 

I love this new outfit combination! It is very Patriotic. You know what? Since we came back from San Antonio I’ve been mixing up my outfits a lot - trying new combinations and looks.

Today I served at my Church for a Seniors Luncheon that happens once every month. Except during the winter months, December through February. But we do bake cookies for the Seniors at Valentines. Well, today was special, as I gave a presentation at the Luncheon on Historical Costuming. I was so nervous. But it worked out alright. Afterwards we did Operation Christmas Child with the Seniors.



  1. What a pretty skirt! You are very gifted! I love your head band to!


  2. What a cute outfit, Ashley!! I cannot believe there are so many female bloggers who make their own clothes, and they look store bought!! :D I SO wish I had that talent. :)

    And doesn't Claire's have THE CUTEST accessories?! :D


  3. I love this outfit! Nothing like a trip to reawaken inspiration, eh? You're inspiring me to try to awaken my non-existent sewing talent ;)

  4. Very cute outfit, Ashley! I think I have that shirt!?! I love mine!

    Have you looked at your Blogger stats on your dashboard? I've found something very cool out, you can get more traffic to your outfit posts if you put something about what your wearing in the title. Like I have "knee length wool skirt" in my title (or something like that) and about 16 people have Googled "What to wear with wool skirts"! Just an idea for you. I hope you don't take it wrong (like I'm dissing your blog or something! Because I'm NOT! I love it!) I just like to share things I learn on Blogger.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:


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